Thursday, April 23, 2009

Week of 4/20 Runs – Taper Time!

4/21: 5 miles, 7:48 pace
4/22: 5 miles, 8:11 pace
4/23: 5 miles, 8:04 pace

Tuesday:  Do you ever have those days where you are tired of the norm and just want to push it?  Today was one of those days for me.  I had a pretty good 20 mile run so I wanted to see what I could do on sorta tired legs just 1.5 days after my run.  I tried to hold steady at about 7:50 which would be somewhere between half MP and MP.  On average I did a pretty good job.  My mile times were: 8:14 (warm up), 7:46, 7:46, 7:53, 7:21.  I really let loose on the last mile and ran at about 10K pace.  Because of some nagging joint stuff, I haven’t done any speedwork for about two months.  I
 figure that this was a good tempo-ish run to get my legs used to turning over as fast as they are going to need to during the Fargo marathon.

Wednesday:  Today’s run was interesting.  I have a bullet in my ‘post ideas’ file about forgetting
 to put on your pants before lacing up your shoes and about walking out the door.  Well, I have never actually walked out the door, but I have been close.  Verrrry close.  Hand on the doorknob ready to walk out close.  Anyway, I wear platellar straps for some runner’s knee that I am going to have researched when I am done with this training cycle.  But, until then, I need to wear them to avoid pain right behind my kneecaps.  During today’s run it wasn’t until mile two that I realized that I completely forgot to put on my knee straps / braces.  Crap.  So, I turned straight around to avoid doing any harm.  I was able to get in 5 miles, but that was
 just short of the 8 that I had on the schedule.

Thursday: Another 5 miler.  I wish that I had some interesting story about this one, but I don’t.  I ran this one at basically MP which I probably shouldn’t have done.  I’m using a modified Hal Higdon Intermediate II schedule and in his notes he said that during the taper you keep up the intensity but move down the overall mileage.  So, it is really Hal’s fault that I ran this one so fast, right?


Jess said...

Getting out the door with all the running stuff can be a bit of a chore. Especially for long runs!

Congrats on all the runs this week.

Michelle said...

I have no idea about any training plans!! It all sounds so complicated to me.

But you are doing amazing running old man!!!