Friday, April 17, 2009

Week of 4/13 Runs

4/15: 5 miles, 8:10 pace
4/16: 10 miles, 8:27 pace
4/17: 5 miles, 8:07 pace

Wednesday: Like I said earlier, I had to push back all of my runs by a day because I took Monday off to move.  To be honest, I would have rather ran.  Either way, I took the extra day’s rest to turn this run Wednesday run into a MP run.  It felt good to stretch my legs and really push the pace.  My goal pace is right at 8:00, so I was close enough if you take the stoplights and general slowdowns into account.  I honestly think that holding this pace for the entire race in 4 weeks will be a stretch.

Thursday: 10 miles – fail.  I really hate to say that because my pace was actually right on target,
 but this was not a good run.  Like I said earlier, I got really cold and looking at my splits, I think
 that I tried to run too fast and bonked towards the end.  My splits were really inconsistent at
 8:17, 8:08, 8:10, 8:39, 8:24, 8:47 (!!), 8:43, 8:25, 8:45, 8:10.  Ah well, live and learn.  These 10 mile runs are always tough while on the road
 because I don’t bring my water bottle (so, no water for all 10 miles) and only recently have been eating anything during the run.  The night before the 10 miler, I went to Target to pick up a few things including some sport beans or a gel.  No dice – they were sold out or something.  So, I considered a powerbar but they only had Vanilla…..PASS.  So, what did I go with?  Gushers!  They are really soft, they have a lot of sugar, and they taste really good.  Why have I not thought of this before?

Friday: Damn, didn’t get any slower on this one.  I am really going to try to throttle back my long 20 miler this weekend to a 8:40 or so pace.  I assume that with my faster runs mid week, this will not be a problem.  The good news is that I was able to wear a sweatshirt, so instead of freezing, I was a bit warm.  I think after Thursday’s run, I’ll take a bit warm vs cold.  But, come talk to me in three months when I am in Phoenix..  Whew.


Stuart said...

Looks like I found someone else who was moving house! Kudos for getting the runs in!

Michelle said...

I want a fruit gusher!!!

Good luck on your run this weekend!!!

Kelly said...

Mmmm gushers

SuperDave said...

That seems like a fast goal pace for a 20 miler.
Great mileage for the week.
I need to up my midweek runs to at least (2)5-7 milers. No way can I add a 10 miler midweek then again I'm not quite at the marathon level yet.

aron said...

awesome job on the runs this week! good luck on your 20 miler!

Bob Hazen said...

OK - you need to go and sign up for a 5k and demolish your PR there. You're running 8 min miles splits on a 10 miler but only logging a 36 5k time? Spend the money this week and find a 5k. :)

Oh BTW - great job on your runs!

Anonymous said...

Adam is a good husband who runs the 5K with his slow wife. He could have run it a LOT faster had he not have stayed back to keep me company. :)