Friday, April 24, 2009

Easy there buddy

I think that Scott Adams struck a nerve.  You know, that one really annoying ‘funny bone’ nerve that is in your elbow.  You hit it and everyone around laughs at you while you hold a numb but at the same time throbbing arm.  Yeah, that one.  I normally agree with about everything that he says, but his blog post the other day seemed to fly in the face of conventional wisdom.  He argued that all runners will eventually wear out their knees, be unable to run, and turn into huge fat blobs on the couch similar to the people in Wall-E. Hmmmm.  Well, maybe he didn’t reference Wall-E, but that was the intent.

He has had some very interesting posts as of late.  He has given his theories on economics, green home building, and even the occasional mention of his restaurants, but the pros and cons of long term physical fitness?  Didn’t we learn about that in elementary school Phys Ed?  I’m not sold.  He goes on to say that his sports of choice, soccer and tennis, are much better long term for your body while still providing positive cardiovascular benefits.  Now, I can’t argue if those two are better than running, but I did find this this this and this article that speak to the long term benefits of running or the fact that running actually isn’t all that hard on your knees.  What now funny man?

I suppose that his argument does hold true if you do actually succumb to his prediction of couch surfing after a career ending injury.  But, I would argue, how often are career ending injuries anyway?  I imagine that doctors can do a lot with surgery and almost everything is able to be fixed.

So, I'm not sure that I can agree with him on this one.  But, you know what they say, 99/100 ain't bad.

So, just to show that I still love Scott Adams, (and since I know that he reads this blog) here are a few of my favorite Dilbert strips.  Stick to the soccer and drawing and I’ll stick to running and both of us will laugh a LOT along the way.


Chad in the AZ Desert said...

I love Dilbert, but this is one of the classic arguements that all non-runners use to make themselves feel better about not getting off the couch. All of the medical science I've read says that running will not hurt your knees as long as you are wearing proper shoes and you don't have a preexisting injury to the knee. So run on with confidence.

Michelle said...

Let's just use our phones to surf the internet and call it a date!!!

That was my favorite one!!!

Yep what Chad said!!!

Kelly said...

Well, I dunno about the rest of you... but I WILL be couch-ridden by the time I'm 45, and have had knee and hip replacement surgery by 60. WOO!

Kelly said...

Well, I dunno about the rest of you... but I WILL be couch-ridden by the time I'm 45, and have had knee and hip replacement surgery by 60. WOO!

Rural Runner E said...

I have to agree and disagree with Scott about his comments about the wearing down of knees. Every piece of research I have read says just the opposite.

Pat said...

Kelly, you can say that again.

I think Mr. Adams has taken too many headers in his soccer playing days.

Scott Adams said...

Of course I read your blog. Way funnier than my stuff.

sRod said...

1. Isn't soccer essentially full contact running?

2. Career ending injuries (if you're unlucky) only come once in a lifetime--so odds are in most people's favor.