Sunday, April 12, 2009

4/12 Weekend Run - Easter Run!

12 miles, 8:21 pace 172 average HR

Today's run was tough. I was tired, my ankle hurt, and it seemed colder than the 45 degrees that the thermometer said. I was able to knock out the miles, but it took a lot more effort than the 8:21 pace would lead on. I'll pause for effect and to take a sip from my baby bottle....

Most of this is my own fault. I had one (Read: 3) too many beers the night before so I didn't sleep all that well and I woke up with a bit of a headache. I also was a bit dehydrated for the same reason. Note to self - do not do this the day before the marathon. I'll log that one in the same spot as "Do not jump in front of oncoming trains" and "Do not try to hold angry cobra snakes".

My ankle was also a bit sore for some strange reason. I'm not sure why it hurt more this morning than any other morning. It has been a bit sore the last two weeks or so, but not so bad that it stopped me from doing anything. I'm going to watch it closely, while still trying to keep up my mileage. Next week is another 40 mile week with my final 20 mile run on the weekend. 4 weeks and counting before the Fargo Marathon!

All in all, I put in 26 miles the week after the marathon - not bad!


SuperDave said...

That's still a darn good run. IMHO.
If you don't mind - What's your max HR?
Maybe I need to pump up my runs even harder. I think the highest avg HR on even my "hard" runs is only 163-165(86-87%.)

Marcy said...

What? Who says a few beers isn't good before marathon day? :P

Michelle said...

Wonderful running!!! Just take care of that ankle of yours so I don't have to worry!!!


aron said...

WOW i am impressed!