Saturday, April 25, 2009

04/25 Weekend Run

12 miles 8:16 Pace.  No HR details (I don’t want to screw up my shirtless tan!)

Today’s run was on Saturday this weekend for two reasons.  First, I wanted to get out an enjoy some of the weather.  It was the first time of the year that I was able to run without a shirt on and I LOVED it.  No nipple chaffing, nipple burn, or nipple bleeding which is VERY nice.  Of course, I can’t say the same for the cars full of people that I likely scared along the way.  Second, I wanted to change my long run to Saturday because the Fargo marathon is on a Saturday.  I seem to run a lot of races that are on Saturday.  Two out of four of my marathons have been on Saturdays.  Well, I guess including Fargo, it will be 3 out of 5.

The run started out well and continued to go well the entire time.  I basically started running east and didn’t stop until I hit 6 miles.  Little did I know that this would mean that I would run over some hills that rivaled the Egyptian pyramids.  Since I didn’t wear my HR monitor, I instead added elevation to my graph below.  Nuts right?  Also, to show how boring I am when I run (hello, my blog name?), I’ve added my course route via Garmin’s built in GPS functionality.  Nice and straight.

The one thing that was annoying about this run was that I found it hard to regulate my pace.  I was always bouncing back and forth between uphill and downhill which meant for some reason that I averaged a bit faster than I would have liked for my long run.


Michelle said...

I’ve added my course route via Garmin’s built in GPS functionality.


Oh great run Mr. Man!!!! I ran 6 miles less than you did and much much slower!!!

Good job!!!

Rural Runner E said...

I hope to feel comfortable enough to run shirtless by the end of summer....really going to try and run more, eat better, lift...and get back to my running body of 7 years ago.

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

It is pretty difficult to control pace on a hilly course. I try to control my effort on the hills, keeping a consistent perceived effort rather than watching my pace.

Nice job!

Adam said...

Hey Michelle! Not sure if you check this, but I put the map in the post from Garmin's own software. I need to look into an online upload tool to be able to do some more analysis.