Thursday, March 26, 2009

Week of 3/23 Runs

3/24: 5 miles 8:36 pace
3/25: 6 miles 8:14 pace
3/26: 5 miles 8:22 pace

Tuesday: Tuesday’s run was dark and cold. The night before I went to the gym to try to spin off some of the acid in my legs from the 20 miles this past weekend. Overall I think it worked and I was able to run this right where I wanted to. My knee was still bothering me a bit, but nothing that wasn’t more than a 2 or a 3 on the 1-10 suck-o-meter scale. As I was running I couldn’t help but think to myself how much I hope that the lessening pain was a good sign. Afterwards I iced down a ton which made it feel right as rain. The other thing that I am really trying to make a conscious effort of is to get a ton of sleep. While traveling I seem to not to be able to get to sleep, so I watch 30 to 60 minutes of TV in the bed. NO MORE. I’m going to try to get 8 hours of sleep a night if it kills me.

Wednesday: Wednesday’s run, I think, was the turning point in my knee’s recovery. I was able to click off all 6 miles with little to no pain. The run actually started out about like all the others with some pain along the inside of my left knee. However, much to my enjoyment, the pain totally went away after about a mile so I decided to kick it up a notch. (Channeling my inner Emerald Lagasse - BAM) Yeah, probably shouldn’t have speed up, but I get antsy if I’m not able to knock out some quickish miles. The speed felt really good and the only reason it wasn’t at a 8:00 pace or so is because I had to stop a few times for really long stoplights.

Thursday: Today’s run was very similar to Wednesday’s run which is just fine with me. I feel like I am on the mend with only minor pain for the first mile or so. The only difference today is that I didn’t take any Advil and everything seems to be without pain. I was honestly afraid that the storms that are blowing through the southeast were going to force me to run on the crappy hotel treadmill. But, they held back and I was able to get my miles in.

This weekend Nick, his wife, myself, and my wife are all running the Olathe 5K. (That is pronounced Oh-Lay-Th-Uhh…. I don’t get it either!) The forecast is supposed to be pretty crap-tastic with some combo of rain or snow – a fact that my lovely wife continuously reminds me. It should make for some interesting pictures!


Michelle said...

Good luck in the 5K!!! Have fun and don't strain your knee!!!!

Marcy said...

Tv is one of the worst things you can watch in bed. Seriously I find myself up 1-2 hrs after when I was supposed to go to bed because I'm all up in whatever lame-o program is on LOL

Pat said...

good luck.