Friday, March 20, 2009

Week of 3/16 Runs

3/17: Off
3/18: 5 miles 8:21 pace
3/19: 10 miles 8;40 pace
3/20: Off – for now.

Tuesday: I decided to take today off to let my knee rest just one more day. I am having a hard time judging when is an OK time to get back out there because I almost never have any pain when I am walking. It is only when I have 400m or 800m distance under my legs that I can tell that something is up.

Wednesday: 5 miles in the super dense San Diego fog. The run started out quite well right along the bay. I felt only minor tweaks in my knee and was able to keep a pretty good pace. In fact, as I go back and fill in my pace for this run above, I may have started out a bit TOO fast. First mile was 8:07. Oppsies. I think that it may have been a response to the two day break, the cool damp air, and the fact that I was just super excited to get out there.

Thursday: 10 miles in LA. My goal was to run to Coto de Caza and take pictures of all of the Real Housewives’ houses. No such luck. I wasn’t able to run far enough. I think that if this run would have been a 14 miler instead of a 10 miler I would have been able to make it. However, I did get some really good pictures that I am going to post on Saturday. The run was OK. It started out a little fuzzy due to lack of sleep because I was starting at 5:45. In fact, when I headed back, I didn’t recognize ANYTHING from miles 8-10 (which would have been the first two). I guess I was either in ‘the zone’ or was in a half conscious for the first 15 minutes. I’m voting for half conscious. Unfortunately no one took advantage of me while I was sporting my running shorts and a paint splattered shirt. I wonder why!? On the run the knee pain came and went. It would be good for a while but then would flare up to a 4 out of 10 on the pain-o-meter. I honestly can’t tell if it is getting better or if it is getting worse – and THAT is really frustrating me.

Friday: Today I haven’t ran yet, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t. I’m trying to balance letting my knee heal while still keeping some level of fitness. Just maybe I’ll goto the gym and ride the bike for a while.

PS: This weekend is my first 20 miler putting my weekly mileage at 40 and my monthly mileage at XX. My training has officially peaked for the Fargo Marathon. Now, I bounce between 13 and 20 miles until the taper!

PSS: The hotel room on Thursday didn’t have a hair dryer, so I had to put my gross shoes in my suitcase. Now, they have a smell that is somewhere between a high school boy’s locker and a skunk in a dirty diaper. As Ron Burgundy would say: “It has a very pungent aroma…. It stings the nostrils”


aron said...

good luck on your 20 miler this weekend!

sRod said...

Just reading this now...Fargo Marathon huh? Let's see how that goes.