Monday, March 9, 2009

A week in the life

I often get asked what my job is like. Or rather, not what my job is like so much as what all of the travel is like. Each week I jump on at least one plane to go to places far far away. Normally these places are not very exotic, but they are always interesting in their own right. By that I mean that there is usually some crazy person in the airport yelling at the ticket agent because they missed their flight. Thankfully the ticket agent is usually good not to mention if they would have stopped at either Starbucks OR McDonalds in the airport food court they probably would have made it. Keep it up crazies, you are what make the travel bearable.

So, to try to shed some light on what it is like, (and hopefully dispel some of the thoughts that it is super glamorous) I carried my camera along during my last 5 day, two location week. I spent M-W in Cleveland, OH and Th-F in Atlanta, GA. Here is what I saw!

Since I knew that it wouldn’t be a good idea to snap a bunch of pictures while my wife was sleeping, trust me when I say that I got up at 4:00am. I have started to shower the night before, so I am out the door at 4:20. Yes, it takes me 20 minutes to get ready. I like to look pretty. This gets me to the airport at 5:10am for a 5:45am flight. I am a pro at going through security, so on Monday mornings I cut it very close to maximize my sleeping time.

Usually when I fly Midwest I get to fly in their “all first class” airplanes, but I think that the “all first class” was downgraded because of the economy. Bummer.

After a long day of meetings and glad handing, I crash in the hotel room. This hotel room was really nice. Flat screen TV AND a couch – although, I normally only use the couch to throw my dirty clothes on – or to make a small fort.

Consultant perk time… I went to a very nice steakhouse on the Cleveland airport called Bombers. Normally, I would pay, but the client grabbed the check before I could. Double score. I had a huge steak, a few Makers Mark’s and coke, and a decaf coffee to top it all off. All the while, we were able to watch planes take off and land. Fun stuff. I tried to take a picture of the “planes on a stick” that were outside….from the car….with my client director in the car with me….while driving…..but they didn’t turn out as well as I would like. The client director got a kick out of the effort though!

After my speed running day on Wednesday, I had to do something with my sweaty shoes and shirt before I packed up. If I put them in my suitcase they not only get to smelling really bad themselves, but they also make everything else smell really bad. The solution? Dry them out with the hair dryer! I had always struggled with what to do, but this worked like a CHAMP. I was careful to not turn it on too hot so I didn’t break down the soles, but after 10 minutes or so they were bone dry and toasty warm. The things I do in hotels probably need a blog of their own!

Airport #2, Cleveland Rocks!

While back in Atlanta, my home away from home, I almost got blown away by a tornado as soon as I landed on my way to the gym. Not sure if these are just clouds or if they are storm clouds. You would think that being from Kansas would automatically make me an expert.

Hotel #2, free cookies = post workout “fuel”. HUGE Fosters and sushi = Adam’s lonely man dinner. :) lol

Airport #3, Atlanta – headed back home. Fortunately, the flight was on time which meant that I walked in my door around 9pm on Friday. My wife was sleeping – just like I left her on Monday morning. It is like I never left!

So, overall traveling is fun if not a bit exhausting. It is funny the things that you notice when being away. For me, it is the way Kansas City smells. I love the smell of a summer evening when I get home after a long day.


Pat said...

You may not like the smell of a summer evening when you get back to AZ after a long day? But, the winters will make up for that.

Kelly said...

That doesn't sound fun at all. I wouldn't mind traveling a little bit for work, but I HATE packing and unpacking (my suitcase is still packed from a trip I took 3 weeks ago). Plus, I'm not good with those awkward business dinners.

Michelle said...

Nice photos. The one on the airplane with the bald man is priceless!!!


Let me know when you get it!! K?

Ulyana said...

Hey, at least you are smart... I'd stand there ironing the soles of my shoes and shoe laces to assist with the drying process... you can imagine where that would lead.

Home Away said...

haha i bet you looked like a total vacation traveler with your camera. did they ask you to get in the family line at security in the airport? ;)

sRod said...

Brilliant idea with the shoe drying!