Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Like a HORSE!

There are two truths about running a lot:

  • You drink a lot of water, there by making you either sweat a lot or pee a lot.

  • You eat like a HORSE!

I was talking to a friend of mine late last week about this and she said “do horses eat a lot?” To be honest, I’m not sure if they do. I know that they poop a lot, so I would assume that one would follow the other. Mostly I just think that I have TONS of Dr Phil type sayings all stored up in my head and I have to let at least one out a day to equalize the pressure in my head.

I’m running ~35 miles per week and I can’t seem to eat enough. Does this happen to anyone else when they ramp up their mileage? I have to assume that since I am a smaller guy, I don’t have much ‘buffer’ for these types of things so I may be affected more than others.

How does everyone else deal with the constant hunger? Or, am I some sort of half man half horse (the ass part) that requires a lot more food than the normal person!?


Ulyana said...

This post cracks me up!
When I start training, I go the other way. I don't crave a lot of food, I eat only healthy and on a schedule. Once I stop.... hold on to your hats... It's like I go out there to prove that I can eat my own weight in junk food or that eating is a sport just as running is, and both are interchangeable.

Marcy said...

My hunger wasn't that way during marathon training but surprisingly I was during HM training?!? The funny thing is that I actually gained a little weight during marathon training (I think this was mostly due to the fact that I went with the "F this I just ran 17,18,20, whatever miles today I can eat what I want"

Michelle said...

Ok what is it called when you just eat? Like all the time. Whether your running or not? Because whatever that is, I have it!!!

I think your right on target feeling extra hungry. Your body is calling out to you to feed it. So listen to it dude!!!

Just don't have a diet of yodels and ding dongs every day!!!!

Michelle said...
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Christine* said...

All I know big brother is since i've actualy joined the addiction to the rec. I eat like I'm a starving child and I think using brain power makes you hungry as well. So I say eat up big brother that or drink more water and trick your body in being full...this however will make you pee like every 15 mins. haha

Michelle said...

Hey bro i declared you winner of peanut butter.

If you want it, its yours. Just need a place to send it.


BETHANY said...

I am the same... always hungry when I run a lot (which lately hasn't been as much) but I always seem to gain weight when I am training.

Katie said...

I found that I couldn't keep my hands off food when I started training. Which was fine, until I had to sit out a month. Eight pounds later, maybe this horse needs to lose the saddle bags! HAHA