Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nipple OWW

Another bulleted post this morning…

  • I did my speed workout yesterday with mixed results. On the one hand I got in 4x800 @ 6.48 pace and really didn't have any running issues… On the other hand, I had to stop 2.5 miles early (6.5 out of 9) because my nipples were about to rub off. Yeeeeooowww
  • My facebook status is something about my nipples. (Add me if you want!) I had a cousin in law who recently had a baby comment "Try breast feeding and then come talk to me!!" Wow, I'll admit - you win Nichole, you TOTALLY win. :)
  • After work today I am going to buy band aids ASAP… But am still going to try to recapture the lost 2 miles (I’m rounding up)
  • The weather this week has been amazing, I am really hoping that next week in California (San Diego and LA) it will be just as nice.

  • This weekend I am going to do my 19 miles in sunny Phoenix, AZ. I’m hoping that I can go without a shirt on and avoid the entire nipple issue all together. If not, look for me in the south Tempe area – I’ll be the one wincing in pain holding my shirt away from my chest.

  • Michael Phelps is on the today show tomorrow trying to explain his bong. I honestly hope he shows up stoned…. Matt Lauer would tear him a new one and YouTube would have a field day with it!

  • I’m toying more and more with getting a tri-bike when I move to AZ. Anyone have any thoughts? Types of bikes? What to look for? Can I buy a used one? More on this to be sure.


sRod said...

Ouch! My nips are hurting from last week's hill work out. It's time to start busting out the band-aids.

(Awesome pic by the way.)

Michelle said...

Isn't there some sort of nipple guard you can wear other than just bandaids? I would hate to see your nipples all messed up due to improper coverage!!!

The Office rocks. Imagine running a race with those guys???

Have fun in Phoenix!!!

Pat said...

bandaids, they're cheap and they work. That's my favorite office episode.

I'd offer to run with you while you're here in AZ, but I'm not that fast.

I'm thinking about doing a St. Pat's one miler Sunday morning. Whoop some 10 year old's butt. Are you going to be in town then?

Ulyana said...

Oh that photo is awesome! "It's a visious cycle", man!

Bob Hazen said...

LA/San Diego is having weird weather this week. Still it's supposed to be 70's

I'd offer o run with you also - but I'm not that fast either.

Marcy said...

Ummm yeah you've been on FB for how long and you didn't add me? Pffftt what's up with that? ;-)

Kelly said...

Ha. That is one of my favorite Office episodes. And yes... I saw your nipple comment on facebook. Ouch.

Adam said...

Pat / Bob, no problems about speed! I'm certainly not fast either, I leave that to the professionals.

I'll be in both spots again during the next few months (but for longer periods of time instead of overnight) and I'll make it a point to reach out!

aron said...

my FAV episode of the office :)

OUCH :( not fun. When I spectated at the Napa marathon a few weeks ago when it was raining I had never seen so many bloody nipples! poor guys :( did not look fun.

have a great trip to CA! its been nice here, cold in the mornings, but sunny. I think down south is the same.

Christine said...

Big Brother, do not buy a tri-bike..are you an old man...NO