Friday, March 20, 2009

Living Remotely

I know…. I know…, I’ve been away the last two weeks. How did you survive!? If my hits go down I’ll know it is because there was a rash of sudden suicides within the blogosphere I did my best to shoot out as many blog posts as possible, but I will admit that it was hard to get them out when I wanted. In fact, I had to spend one evening of blog posting time just getting caught up with my bloggy peeps. I believe the kids would say FAIL. Since I am old, I’ll stick to saying LAME. Both fit.

Over the past two weeks I can’t help but notice how much more cumbersome it is to live your life remotely. Now, just to be clear, I was spending time in some of the best places in the lower 48. Pictures will certainly follow. But, that does not mean that life doesn’t keep clicking by in Kansas City. The good thing is that I think that I am on backend of the bell curve and things are starting to calm down. The house stuff is finally starting to throttle back a bit and I’m finding a really good groove at work. Now, if I could just get my running under control, I’d be set.

Of course, as I sit on an airplane on my way from LA to KC with a layover in Vegas I also can’t help but notice the irony about typing this post… I even have to blog remotely!


Kelly said...

You are brave. I enjoy the occasional trip or flight, but would hate to make that my living. Living out of a suitcase would drive me crazy.

Marcy said...

Dude, why you keep saying your old?!? Dayum you are younger than me AND you're still in your 20's! I must be a senior citizen.

Now I'm off to kill myself because 1) You're not around


2) I'm insulted :P ;-)

Michelle said...

Dude, I contemplated suicide but seeing your post today saved me!!!


So you will be home today?? That means perhaps PB???

Let me know!!!

Marcy said...

OMG NO!! I thank God we're not going to have to go through the whole selling of the house process. I can ONLY imagine the shiz that goes along with that. We're just gonna keep it and my MIL is going to move her butt in and take over the payments(or so that is the plan LOL)

And I now I'm REALLY off to kill myself, even more so now that you're going to Phoenix and I'm going to winter wonderland :P