Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lifting with my butt

Today is a speed day but unfortunately I didn’t get in any miles. When I woke up, the weightlifting that I did with my legs on Monday really started to set in. I think that it was a combination of a few things… I had taken my leg day off for a few weeks because of some ankle issues, I have been sitting in meetings a lot all week long, and I didn’t stretch like I should have after lifting. I think that is the perfect trifecta for ass pain. When the alarm went off at 5:30 and I tried to get out of bed, my hamstrings and ass muscles (glutes I suppose) screamed that I could squeeze it in after work.

In spite of the pain, I am still going to get out there tonight and get in my 9 miles. I am going back and forth on doing the usual 800m repeats or mixing it up with 4x800 repeats and some 400m repeats. Right now I’m leaning towards the mixed route. Ulyana has got me thinking with her track workouts that maybe I need to mix it up a bit. (Basically, my training plan is loosely based on a Hal Higdon schedule mixed in with random bloggy bits that I find along the way) I’ll let everyone know tomorrow how it went! For now, I am off to go stretch against a wall.