Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's Time!

If you have HBO and you like dry humor, I really suggest that you check out Flight of the Concords. They are a folk rock comedy band (think Tenacious D) that sing about all sorts of things..... Like business time!

"Two minutes in heaven is better then one minute in heaven...."


Michelle said...

So, do you do the sexy dance when you take off your pants and your kicks are still on??

Just wondering?

BETHANY said...

hahaha! that was awesome!

SuperDave said...

These guys are funny. They have a few you-tube videos out there. 1 of their videos has nearly 3 million hits. crazy..

sRod said...

I'm part of the unwashed masses that doesn't subscribe to premium cable (hello, recession?), but I ahve heard fantastic things about FotC