Friday, March 27, 2009

Freaking Fargo Flooding

I am signed up to run the 2009 Fargo Marathon. I’ve bought flights, will rent a car, and have been booked for quite some time. In fact, it is my primary spring race. It is supposed to be a very well supported race that is relatively flat and should hopefully be prime pickens for a PR. However, if you have been watching the news, you’ll know that Fargo is currently in a major flood.

Let me be clear, I hope very much that everyone is OK and that the loss of life is zero and the damage to property is minimal. I’ve seen puppies being rescued by bayou style air boats so I have to assume that help is getting to the people who need it. (On a side note, why the hell do people in ND have those bayou style boats!? Last time I checked the ‘gater problem in ND was actually quite small.) However, I can’t help but wonder how this will affect the marathon course. Today I did what I have been avoiding and I looked up the race route:

Just as I expected, that light blue squiggle amongst the marathon course is the Red River….. The very river that is threatening the city. Bummerrrr

I am sure that we’ll have some sort of race, but I just wonder where it will be and what it will be like. A friend of mine suggested that if all else fails, the organizers could just have us run around a block 100 times. Awesome.


Michelle said...

It's not until May 9th right?

I think and hope it will go as planned!!


Kelly said...

Ewwww no fun.

I actually did NOT know about the flood (I've been out of town for a few days... I don't watch news on my days off!). But like 2 seconds before I read your blog, I saw a bit on CBS Evening News about it. Hmm.. That sucks.

Pat said...

Allegiant Air flies from Mesa to Fargo twice a week. I emailed them and said if they'd fly me out, I'd sandbag for two days.

They turned me down. Hope everyone up there is ok.

On another note - I download my garmin info to either Sporttracks or lately to They convert the data to vo2 max.

Nat said...

They might be ready by the time the marathon rolls around. I did Des Moines marathon in 2007 and they had flooding about two months before as well. Hopefully, the clean up goes fast and the people can get back to "normal" life as quickly as possible!

sRod said...

I totally had the same question about the air boats--where the hell did they come from? I thought Fargo was all ice and prairies.