Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fit Point Test

The gym I belong to (Lifetime Fitness) performs “Fit Point Tests” that test everything from bicep strength to VO2 Max. When my wife and I first joined, we both had one done and I think that we were both a little surprised with the results. I believe that I posted about how I thought that my VO2 would have been a little higher based on my level of physical fitness. Of course, I don’t know WHAT “high” would be other than the neat little bar graph that says that mine is “fair to moderate”.

Well, what a difference 3 months makes! I was able to make some modest gains in quite a few of the categories. Of course, all of these numbers are completely arbitrary to me, but the little bar graphs when down when they were supposed to and went up when they were supposed to! Score one for statistical irrelevance!

BMI: 22.9 to 21.7
VO2: 43.5 to 46.9
Fat %: 12.3 to 9.8

There were a bunch of other random categories as well like bicep strength etc. Lets just say that I won’t be arm wrestling Arnold Schwarzenegger any time soon. The odd thing is that even though I was a bit better in nearly all of the categories, my “overall fitness” stayed the same. How can that happen? Annoying.

Either way, it did shed a light on the fact that I need to do a better job of replacing calories burned while running. Of course, the test did track weight which went down to a level that I would like to see a bit higher. I only lost a few lbs, but on my small frame that is substantial. Isn’t that the irony of it all? Bald men have hairy backs, people who want to loose weight have the hardest time dropping the lbs and people who just want to maintain have a hard time doing just that.

If you can get hold of a fancy treadmill, I encourage you to see if it has a VO2 test built in. A lot of the gym quality ones seem to have it and, for us Garmin wearing number nerds, it is a good indicator of where you are at!


Ulyana said...

Ha! My BMI is close to the "overweight"!!!! Uncool.

I'd like to know my VO2! Maybe one day.

Adam said...

Yeah, knowing the VO2 is a fun way that I track my progress. I assume that a higher VO2 is going to make me a faster runner.... eventually.

Pat said...

my garmin shows a vo2 max reading. Do you have a garmin and is it the same reading as you got at the gym?

Marcy said...

Look at you, Mr Fit ;-)

Travis said...

I have my FIT Test done tonight. LOL I dread it as depression took a toll on me over the last 5 years and I am just NOW getting going again. We will see :)