Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cue “The OC” Theme Song

I had the theme song to The OC in my head for three days straight while I was in California. It was such a good time. I have said to my wife (and I think to Nick as well) that San Diego is probably my most favorite spot in the Continental 48 states. It has the right amount of beaches (tons), fun nightlife, and tons of suburbia to hit the sweet spot in my mundane life. Mix all of that with lots of green foliage and this farm boy is in heaven.

While I didn’t get to see much of either LA or San Diego, I was able to get out for a few good runs and was able to eat some really good food… and take some fun pictures!

Here is the view from my hotel. I had a great view of the bay that the USS Midway sits on/in.

On Tuesday night I got to go to a neat Italian restaurant, Il Fornaio, on Coronado Island. The food was good but the views were great. During the 3 or so hours I was there, I saw a cargo ship pushed by tug boats, some sort of touristy pirate ship, and a navy seal boat! I can’t help but feel one or two notches wussier whenever I think of those guys.

I took my camera on my 10 mile quest to find some “Real” housewives. I didn’t find any housewives, but I did find that my camera is a BITCH to carry for that long while running. The pictures below are of the first ½ mile (I think?? Still really fuzzy due to lack of sleep…) and some of the really cool palms and mountains which are my new desktop background.

Finally, I’ll admit that when I think of California or LA specifically, I can’t help but think of movie stars, silicone, and maybe some Beverly Hillbillies (with a cement pond). However, I am always pleasantly surprised when I find that I am completely wrong. I rarely see movie stars, there is no more silicone than in any other city, and I almost never meet up with the hillbillies. However, I did have to laugh, stop, and take a picture when I saw this pimped out AM/PM convenience store. I wonder if their bottled water is $15. Hey, still cheaper than the airport!

Wait, was that the Laguna Beach theme song that was stuck in my head? I think it may have been..... I still can’t believe Rocky and Breanna keep fighting!!


Nat said...

Ran across your blog from Steve Stenzel's. Love the warm weather pics!

Pat said...

I love SD too. Here in PHX, we consider it a suburb.

Kelly said...

I've only been to San Diego once, but I loved it. Spent some time in laguna beach AND newport beach (the OC). I wish I lived on the beach. Love the photos.

Michelle said...

San Diego ROCKS!! I love the zoo there!!

Cool photos too!!

Marcy said...

Ummmmm Adam, I'm a little disturbed that you know the theme songs to The OC and Laguna Beach. I don't even know what they are :P ;-)

aron said...

yay for cali!!! although so cal is so diff fron nor cal!

BETHANY said...

california.... california.... i loved the oc!

sRod said...

I went out to California for the first time last November. As a life long east coaster it was way too laid back and naturey for me. (Give me the crowds and grime of NY anytime, right?)