Monday, March 16, 2009

Bits of Wisdom

Since I am wrapping up my Arizona trip and letting my knee heal (more), I thought that I would leave you all with some very funny bits of wisdom:

  • I've reached the age where I can no longer rationalize my selfworth by looking at a professional athlete's age and think to myself: "I’ve still got time."
  • I want to bury about 1,000 pennies on the beach and lay back with a corona, watching the crazy guy with the metal detector get excited...disappointed...excited!...disappointed...
  • The other night I was talking to this girl who seemed really into me, until she asked me what I wanted to do after college and I responded "become rich enough to swim around in a huge underground vault filled with coins like Scrooge Mcduck." Apparently she wasn't a Ducktales fan.
  • No wonder kids these days are so whiney. They're growing up with High School Musical. We had the Mighty Ducks, The Sandlot & Little Giants.
  • After how many hours does a nap just become sleep?
  • I have no problem telling you that I'm hungry, tired, bored, cranky, frisky, whatever. But I will never admit that I'm drunk. Not even when I'm sitting indian style on my floor at 3am, eating cold, leftover pizza that's been sitting out since 9pm. Nope - not drunk


Marcy said...

You ARE a youngin! Good Lord you're younger than me! (I had to check :P)

You're also mad cruel (with the pennies) but I'll let you do that and I'll just sit on the sidelines and laugh :P

Ulyana said...

Hi! When are you going to be in San Diego??? Supposedly, it's going to be really nice starting tomorrow - in 80's.

Also, about Austin, things I like doing there: 1) run on the Townlake trail... there are options for a 3, 4, 7, and 10 mile loops; 2) go hiking in Greenbelt; 3) go swimming at Barton Springs pool (just $3 or so to get in during the day and free from 9 pm to 10 pm, which is when it closes.... also, I believe it's free super early in the mornning); 4) eat at original Kerbey Lane restaurant; 5) go to Amy's Ice Cream (you have to go there!), 6) I also like Austin Java... they have great coffee, imo, and their menu has a variety of cool dishes.

Sixth street is the party street. A lot of college kids walking around smashed. I think it's worth checking it out to stop by several bars if you have time for that. If you wanna go to some more "classy" place.. I like Elephant Room, Speakeasy's, The Continental Club.

All of those are "Austin" places. Hmmm, I'll think about what else is cool there.. the last few years I've spent in suburbia, so when I'd get out into the city it's all running or swimming or biking.

Oh! Also, if you have time, going to Lake Travis is a good way to spend time. When you are there Cafe Blue or The Oasis are a must.

Another TX place is The Salt Lick - awesome BBQ place. There is a new one in north Austin and then the original in Driftwood.... but that's far!

Michelle said...

I giggle at you!!


sRod said...

The pennies thing is completely brilliant. That will be my "sport" this summer.