Sunday, March 29, 2009

3/29 Weekend Run

3/29 - 13.1 miles, 8:22 pace, 1:49:44 total time

Compared to runs past, today’s run went really well. My knee had very minimal discomfort which only started around mile 11. I am not sure if it was because I ran in the afternoon, but I found it interesting that my knee didn’t hurt at all at the beginning. During my midweek runs, it seems to hurt a bit more towards the beginning of the run and then settles in after 10 minutes or so. That is probably due to being stiff from a full night’s sleep.

I think that I must have been a bit out of it while running though. I had decided to do an out and back. But at the turn around, I looked at my watch and saw that I was running a LOT slower than I thought that I was. My ¼ marathon split was something like 1:04. I had been pushing the pace a bit and couldn’t figure out how I was running only a 9:15 pace or so. Well, a few minutes later, I realized what had happened. My out and back was on pace to be 15 miles, not 13! Crap. Since I am running the most miles that I ever have next week, I figured that I had better not push it, so I found a way to shorten the run up a bit but still had to walk about a mile after I was done.

Another thing that was a little annoying was that I got soaked during the run. We had received 4” of snow the day before which was now all melting. So, there were tons of puddles and small streams that I ultimately had to run through. My socks and legs ended up being a gross shade of brown that made my legs look really tan!

The 13 miles this weekend puts me at 29 miles for the week. It was great to have a step down week because next week will be a doozy capped off by the Hogeye marathon. With the marathon, 46 miles will be the most that I have ever done in a week!

Unfortunately, the Olathe Marathon 5K that I had planned for this weekend was postponed because of the snow. I’ll be running it next weekend the day before the marathon…. But will post more about that tomorrow!


Marcy said...

Yeah sure. What REALLY happened is that you pooped your pants and it ran down your leg :P

Pat said...

What's the hogeye marathon and how many are you doing? Are you doing the fargo full or half?

Adam said...

Pat, I honestly have NO idea what "hogeye" means. Although, the medal has a picture of a hog on it! :)

I'm doing the full marathon in Fargo.... That is my spring goal race - hoping to set a PR - 3:40 or bust!

Michelle said...

Ha good run.

Your really progressing nicely dude!

Ulyana said...

You doing hogeye as a training run?

Dude, I bet you beat 3:40 this Sunday, then if Fargo doesn't happen or doesn't go as well, you won't need to do it!

Adam said...

I'm not even sure that I'll let myself run a 3:40 :)

I'm going to run at that pace for the first 20 and then evaluate if I should continue to push through the hills at the end. (think boston syle hills)