Sunday, March 15, 2009

3/14 Weekend Run

19 miles, 9:22 pace (!!!), 174 average heart rate. This run was a doozy.

This weekend I’m in very sunny Arizona checking out storage units and dorking around in some open houses. I didn’t run on Saturday because my knee was still a little sore from tweaking it while lifting weights. I decided to still push forward with my long run this weekend because I didn’t have any pain on Sunday morning while I was putzing around my in-law’s house.

The run started just fine. It was about 55 or 60 degrees when I started out and clicked off miles 1-7 in 8:15, 8:16, 8:16, 8:57 (stupid stoplight), 8:11, 8:14, 8:19. Consistent!!?? I felt a little bit of pain in my left knee, but it wasn’t anything that changed my stride and wasn’t anything major enough to even slow me down. I’d say a 2 out of 10 on the pain-o-meter.

Something happened on mile 8, but I can’t remember what it was. I ran that mile in 9:37 but then ran mile 9 in 8:25. I took my shirt off to get some sun and then something happened… My stomach had been rumbling throughout most of the run but it really picked up some steam at the half way point. I knew that this was going to be bad. So, I started to be on the lookout for a place to stop. It was come and go (figuratively, not literally thank GOD) for the next few miles which passed by in 9:11, 8:26, and 9:45 (another LONG stoplight). I FINALLY found a McDonalds right at the half marathon point.

When I finished in McD’s and started to run again, I felt sharp pains in my left knee. It seemed that my knee had swelled up when I was in McDonalds and was super painful to run on. It was at that point that I realized that my run was not going to be fun from this point on. I briefly considered calling it a day, but without any way to call my wife, and being exactly 6 miles away from home (ran a stuipd big loop), I didn’t have a choice but to hammer out the miles. I walked on it for a while, which helped a lot, but ultimately I had to start to run on it again. I basically followed a “walk a few minutes and then trudge out the rest of the mile” strategy all the way back to my in-laws house. It was a pretty tough run, but I finished.

The last 7 miles I finished in: 11:25, 9:42, 8:32, 11:22, 11:23, 12:43, 8:46. There were some pretty slow miles in there. Blah. The really annoying part is that I wasn’t all that tired it was the knee pain that slowed me down. I’m going to rest my knee a lot this next week and hope that a few extra days off will help.

On the bright side (literally!) I did get some color while I was out here. Maybe a little too much color – crap!

Channeling my inner Steve in a Speedo with a red forehead and cheeks

I am pretty sure that I am more red than this picture portrays. I wanted to take another picture while flexing but my wife wouldn't take it!

The tale of two runs. First half good, second half suck-city.


aron said...

great job on the 19 miler!!

Pat said...

I've had runs like that. Well, not that fast. But, where they fall apart in the upper teens.

I was out showing houses in Gilbert on saturday. Didn't see many houses open. I'm assuming you already have a Realtor, but if you need one let me know.

Michelle said...

No matter what, you finished your run!!! Your long run!!

But i am worried about your knee!!! Rest it please!!!

Michelle said...

HA! I dig your "inner" Steve in speedo photos!!!


Marcy said...

Duuuddeee!! Dang you better break out that sunscreen for those AZ days HAHA!

Hopefully after a couple days rest your feeling on the ups :-)

sRod said...

That's a lot of sun! I'd never get like that around here.

Ulyana said...

I'm catching up on my blog reading, so my comment is probably irrelevant. This was really painful to read. I hope your knee is ok!