Sunday, March 1, 2009

2/28 Weekend Runs / Bike

2/28: 15 miles on bike / 50 minutes (18 m.p.h. pace)
3/1: 17 miles 8:53 pace; 174 average heart rate... One of my worst long runs in a long time.

Saturday: Today I decided to hit the bike instead of risking hurting my ankle more. I didn't want to take the day completely off because my wife was going to go for a treadmill run and I wanted to kill time either way. So, the spin bike and my ass got some quality 1 on 1 time. I use a quasi interval strategy where I ride at level 7 (???) for 2 minutes and then level 14 (????!!!????) for 8 minutes. I average around 3 miles per 10 minute cycle. The good news is that I had zero pain in my ankle. The bad news is that various places of my ass felt like they were on FIRE! I'm sure that there is a special way to sit on those seats - but I sure haven't found it.

Sunday: Disclaimer: This post is going to include a lot of complaining about snow, a little complaining about selling houses, and a little bit of pee talk - just for fun. If you don't like lots of talk about tough runs, check back tomorrow! Wow, 17 miles never went by so slow! Not that my speed was all that slow, it was just a super hard run. We received 3" of snow yesterday. Unfortunately, the city doesn't plow off the sidewalks, so the times that I had to run on the sidewalks were very slow. It was like running in sand! The snow had melted just enough to create a layer of slush on the bottom with puffy snow on the top. It slowed me down about 30 seconds a mile. However, it was MUCH harder going even at that slower pace. If you look at the graph below, you can tell which miles were not on snowy sidewalks. That is, miles 2-6 and miles 12-16. I had to run on the sidewalks for a bit because I needed to get to the bathroom! I found that when my captn' is cold, peeing is a bit uncontrollable. I just BARELY made it into the bathroom and sort of arced it in from about 2 feet away.

Finally, I found that getting out of a normal routine is NOT good. We had an open house today so I decided to do my run during that time. Well, because of some house offer issues, I was SUPER stressed out all morning long. Also, I ate lunch 20 minutes before going on the run. I don't recommend it. However, I did find out that grilled chicken Cesar salad tastes MUCH better the first time than it does around mile 10 when I yacked a little bit up in my mouth. :) So, lesson learned - I need to make sure to get in my runs earlier in the day and not run when I am so stressed.

OH! I almost forgot! I was also really worried about my ankle. Fortunately, it held up really well. I didn't have much more than a dull pain. Hopefully that means that I am on the mend and I'll be set for the Hogeye marathon on April 5th!


Pat said...

glad your ankle feels better. Snow soaked feet - no good.

Open house? I thought your house was sold. Hope it didn't fall thru.

Ulyana said...

It's so close!!!! You'll have to start tapering soon!

Adam said...

Pat, it did fall through - twice! Third time is a charm though, I have a post coming up either today or tomorrow to go through the details.

Marcy said...

Duuddeee you're way hardcore. I can't even imagine trying to do long runs in the winter with snow. Great job!

Michelle said...

Hey Adam, running your long run in those conditions calls for a HIGH FIVE!!!

You done good. Just be careful dude!!! OK???

aron said...

i am so glad i dont have to deal with snow :)

hey 17 miles is still 17 miles! great job for getting out there on a stressful snowy day.