Thursday, February 12, 2009

Week of 2/9 Running

2/10: 3 miles, 8:02 pace
2/11: 7 miles, 7:30 overall pace w/ 7x800 sprints at 6:53 pace
2/12: 3 miles, 8:19 pace

2/10: This was my first run in awesome warm GA. It was the first time this winter season that I was able to wear shorts and a T Shirt which was a nice change. Soon I guess I will join the ranks of the people that Midwest people hate – those that brag about their 70 degree January days and pina colada nights. The run was about as average as it gets. Not too hard, not to easy. I had lifted leg weights the night before, so the first part of the run served to burn off all of the built up acid.

2/11: Speed day. Blah? NO! Hurray! Today’s speed run went great. I was able to hold my pace at 6:53 during the fast times and hold my pace at 8:00 during the recovery times. In fact, I was able to drink while on the run which I am still playing around with. Oddly, this pace resulted in an overall time of 52:30 which is exactly a 7:30 pace. I’m going to try another two weeks at this pace and then try kicking it up another 0.1 MPH which I think should take me down to around 6:45 pace. I’m going to try kicking it up a notch (BAM) about once a month until I am running 30 mph. I figure I’ll hit that when I am 95 or so. (If you watch the office, there is a GREAT intro clip where the staff is running past a street side radar detector. Basically I’m a walking talking Michael Scott.)

2/12: The 3 miles today was a little tough due to the compounding effect of being really busy at work and not sleeping well in the hotel bed. I’ve found that I’ll sleep a lot better during the weeks after the first week. I am feeling a slight tweak in my knee that may be because I need to get new patellar bands for my knees. The velcro is going bad on the ones that I have which is causing them to slip down on my little chicken legs.


Ulyana said...

Yeah, travelling and sleeping in the hotel rooms sets me back always!

Pat said...

I always thought people love it when I tell them how nice our weather is. Especially, after a heavy snow.

Seriously, it's one of those things that you know annoys people, but you can't help doing anyway.

By the way, it's 65 and sunny today.

Michelle said...

Wow you are really rockin the pace dude!!!

Keep it up OK???

Paul said...

Great runs!