Thursday, February 26, 2009

Week of 2/23 Runs – INJURY BLAHS

2/24: 4 miles 8:32 pace
2/26: 4 miles 8:18 pace

Tuesday: As I alluded to earlier, I tweaked something on the inside of my right foot / ankle. Based on my extensive experience of….. having feet, I think that it is basically the part on the inside that seems to connect the inner ankle nub to the toes. (maybe my little sister the doctor could help out here….). I did it during my 16 this past weekend. It honestly doesn’t feel bad at all during the day, but I feel a bit of pain / warmth when I am running. I think that it is the weight and the subsequent spring off that does it. I considered holding off on today’s run, but I thought that I would give ‘er a go. I purposely ran slower to not stress it any more than necessary. When I got done, it felt fine and after I took two Advil it felt totally normal.

Wednesday: I woke up at 5:45 like I normally do on the long run day. I got completely dressed including nipple band aids and my headphones on. You know – side note…. I tried some little circle band aids that came in my multi pack and they SUCKED. I am allergic to the adhesive in the band aids causing me to break out where they were, but having these things on was a whole new level of suck. The sticky part was squarely on my nipple causing a LOT of “discomfort” when I yanked them off. Anyway, the net result here is that I decided to let my foot heal one more day and take the day off. I was REALLY hoping to avoid missing any days during this training period, but alas missed day 1 is on the books.

Thursday: I had planned on hitting the bike last night but life got in the way. Work has been nuts and I just couldn’t do it. However, I did get my 4 miles in today as per schedule. My foot / ankle didn’t hurt too bad at all. There was still a bit of soreness towards the beginning of the run, but it went away after about a mile. Afterwards, I did the hotel version of an ice bath which is just running your ankle under the cold bath water. It was COLD. But, it felt really good and eased any lingering soreness.

I am really glad that I was able to get out there today (Thursday). I think that I would be really frustrated if I would have had to take another day off. That said, instead of my MP run on Saturday, I’m going to hit the bike and ride it hard for an hr or so to make up for the time off. I’m still planning on 17 this weekend which would make my mileage 25 for the week instead of a planned 38. Not a big deal though, next week I’ll hopefully get back into the swing of things!


Pat said...

Lets hope that injury goes away quick.

Christine said...

well with the help of my Netter flashcards (Nerd, I know) I'd say it's either your medial (deltoid) ligament of the ankle (tibiocalcaneal,tibionavicular or the anterior tibiotalar part) haha

Ulyana said...

Oh yeah, don't worry about mileage. Better heal, you'll thank yourself later. After my first marathon, I followed a recovery plan (by my old coach!) that called for running two days after the marathon, an 8 mile run a week after the marathon, and a lot more within the next few weeks. During that 8 mile run, I felt some annoying pain in my foot, but decided to run throught it. The injury later forced me to take off THREE months from running. I definitely wished I sat on my butt for a month after the marathon. Now, every time I get an injury, I just don't do anything until I am 100% certain I'm okay. GOOD LUCK! and REST!

BETHANY said...

I feel ya about the band-aids.... i don't put them on my nipples - but i always put them on my feet where i get blisters as a precaution... but i tried some new ones that were round and a better shape - but they SUCK! stick to the band-aid brand kind - they are the best!!

Michelle said...

Please make sure your pain free for your 17 miler!!!

And yeah what Ulyana said!!!