Thursday, February 19, 2009

Week of 2/16 Running

2/17: 3 miles, 8:34 pace
2/18: 8 miles, 7:34 overall pace with 7x800 at 6:53 pace
2/19: 3 miles, 8:09 pace

2/17: Tuesday’s run was a forced run on the treadmill. I haven’t ran my normal 3 mile runs on the treadmill in a long time so this was a bit different. Fortunately, the treadmills were brand new Life Fitness models (I think) with a 20” HDTV attached to them. Very nice! I had to run on the treadmill because I was in Cleveland and forgot to bring the cold weather running clothes that are 100% necessary. That is, hat, gloves, long pants, long sleeves, etc. Fortunately, I was able to force myself to slow down a bit to give myself some rest. The slower pace felt really good and I had no trouble hanging on to this pace throughout the entire 3 miles.

2/18: Speed day! I added an additional mile to today’s run which I think played a bit of head games on me. I was able to run all of the fast intervals that I wanted to, but I actually took a break between interval #4 and #5 to walk for 0.25 mile or so. I think that I slowed it down to 15:00 pace which seemed to be a pretty good clip for a walk. Funny, while I want to run faster and faster, when walking (in the mall etc) I would much rather plod along. I was thinking while I was running, the treadmill sessions will actually be a bit good for warm weather training. They should hopefully get me used to not only running in the heat, but also running with a shirt on! See, I much prefer to not run with a shirt on. I sweat a LOT and a shirt just makes me even hotter. In fact, if I were a girl I would certainly be arrested because not even a sports bra would stay on me.

2/19: 3 pretty uneventful miles outside. It was a bit chilly so my wrists got cold, but once I got inside the normal sweat of the run started to flow.

SHIT: I just looked at my training plan and I was supposed to run 4/8/4 this week. Well crap. Lesson learned – look at that each and every week and not assume what the miles are. I guess I got the 8 in, and I know that two miles isn’t going to matter in the grand scheme, but I really liked that I was basically on track. Either way, I’ll hopefully have 35 miles this week. Not to shabby!