Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tornado Funzies

I love running outside. I love traveling. So, as you can assume, if you put those two activities together awesome times most always follow. However, this past week in Atlanta was most certainly the exception to the rule.

On Wednesday, when I landed in Atlanta from Cleveland and hopped in my rental car, the first thing that I heard on the radio was that there were multiple severe thunderstorms currently in the area. "Well, this is really going to F up rush hour traffic" was my first thought. Once I started to actually listen to the storm warnings, I realized - I have no IDEA where these things are! This became especially urgent when they changed from severe thunderstorms to tornados! The radio was listing off counties that were affected.... South X county, North Y county, etc. All the while I'm driving along, watching the clouds turn darker and darker and the rain getting harder and harder. I considered calling a guy I know in the area (and would have had the wind really started to pick up) but, like the stubborn man that I am, I decided to just keep on truckin'.

The thing that frustrates me the most is that I was really considering going for a quick run to try to limber up after the long flight. So, I went to the gym walked right past the treadmills and over to the weights to try to work on my girlish figure. Nothing makes me feel more like a man than doing pull ups. I'm not sure why - but they are the best!
Of course, since I am typing this all is well. The storms I found out later were north and south of me but not directly in my path. I did take a picture from the gym parking lot. Both are a bit ominous, but I think one may show a little suspicious looking cloud.


Michelle said...

Glad you didn't experience the wrath of the storms or something like that!!!

Are you still there? In Atlanta??

I am still not running by the way!!! Soon I hope!!!


Katie said...

Holy storms, batman!

Kelly said...

I shouldn't say this, because people die from tornados, but I really like one. I always hope I'm going to see one in person, then I never do.

Marcy said...

Pull ups make me feel like a man too. That's why I don't do them :P