Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Boss

Our house goes on the market in 7 days which means that in the meantime, I'm running around trying to close out my honey do list. Oddly, this time the woman in my life who is cracking the whip is not my wife, but rather my Realtor! Her whip has pokers on the end too, hurts like a bear.

I am sure Pat will agree, it seems that Realtors are the best at finding every little thing that I should have done a very long time ago. Yeah, I guess I should have thrown away that 20 year old treadmill a while ago.... Yes, I understand that I need to touch up my paint mess from 3 years ago.... Fine, I'll take down the sex trampoline - for now..... What, new buyers are going to want to see through the glass shower door instead of looking at hard water lime stains? You're crazy!!
In all honesty, I've done about everything that the Realtor and her stager have wanted me to. This includes replacing my garage door. The previous owner likely decided that in between completely trashing the house, he wanted to go for a beer run - NOW. Never mind that the garage door was still closed. When you get the shakes from lack of beer, you can't be slowed down by such details. The old one still worked, but it had a bow in it from being rammed by a car. The new one looks lots better.
Either way, hopefully our efforts will be rewarded with a sale. I have to think that in this market, it is going to be really hard to lock someone in. Hopefully the economic stimulus will kick in sooner rather than later. Until then, I'm going to continue touching up paint in every room - and will answer my Realtor's every request!


Kelly said...

Good luck! PS I left your question in a comment in your last post.

Pat said...

sounds like you got a good REALTOR. Did you know that there are some agents that are just too timid to even mention a single thing? Now, ask her what more you can do.

Good luck and remember there's still a solid market for well priced homes.

Michelle said...

God luck dude!

I hope you sell your home fast so you can move on to the new home!!!