Monday, February 23, 2009

My Valentine

With all of the “single awareness” that was floating around about a week ago, I didn’t want to gloat about my un-single status. (Well, maybe I did want to gloat a little bit I guess.) So, since I hope that all of bitterness of the commercialization of Valentines has subsided, I wanted to share with everyone what my wife got me for V Day!

It is a Sport Hooks by Heavy Medalz race medal display! I have actually wanted one of these for quite some time. In fact, I posted about them previously both on this blog as well as on the Runners World forums. It is very cool. There are 5 hooks to hang medals on that you receive at the end of each race. I don't really want to show them off per say (I don't offer up to people that I run as much as I do unless they ask specifically) but I don't like that they are just stuck in a closet somewhere.

As the name suggests, it is VERY heavy duty. It is 1/8” metal which means that as long as it is anchored into the wall really well it should have no trouble holding 10 or 15 medals. (On a side note, searching for that race medal display is probably the most searched running related thing that points people to my blog. Here I thought it would have been about me freezing my giblets off or about being hit by a car or something…. I guess everyone else doesn’t have the same odd internet habits that I do)

The bad thing is that I can’t really put it up now because we are trying to sell the house. I would have to drill a few pretty good sized holes in the wall that couldn’t easily be patched up. Since I am pretty much past wanting to do ANYTHING more on the house that I am in, that is pretty much a no-go. So, I am thinking about putting it on my desk and just admiring it. I may even try to rig up my medals on it somehow. Either way, I now have NO excuse not to run at least two more races. It wouldn’t look as good all lopsided.


Home Away said...

that's awesome! you're going to have to get 10 more of those to make space for your marathon-a-state goal!

Steve Stenzel said...

That's really cool!! I thought it was a key holder... but a medal holder makes SO much more sense!!! Now, go fill er' up!!!

Marcy said...

Hey that's pretty sweet!! Dang I might jsut have to get me one of those! Nice gift from the wifey!

Kelly said...

I like it... I ALWAYS wonder what I should do with my medals. They are just strewn around my apartment.

Michelle said...

Very very cool VD present!!!

Your wife rocks!!! She knows you well!!!

Anonymous said...

"Very very cool VD present!!!"

Haha. Just sounds kinda funny.