Thursday, February 19, 2009

Man Dinner - Maybe a side of Prozac?

I travel for work. As a result, that normally means spending a lot of time in hotel rooms. It is pretty fun most of the time. I get lots of quality "Adam" time, I get to sing in the shower (and think of the people walking down the hall who I know can hear me), and I get to watch whatever I want on TV.

However, I will admit that there are times when traveling is a little annoying. For example, this week I am gone all 5 days. Being gone 5 days is rough. Very rough.

After going to the gym, I couldn't decide what I wanted to eat. So, I did one of the most depressing things that an out of towner can do. I went to the grocery store and bought dinner there. I had every intent of going to the grocery store and buying a deli sandwich. But, when I drove up I saw a sign for sushi that was too hard to pass up. So, I wandered in, found the sushi, tried to NOT smell the super stank coming off of the crab legs, and started looking for something else. I can't survive on sushi alone.

I walked into the cookie / cracker isle and contemplated getting an entire bag of Pepperidge Farms cookies. I honestly did the math on how many miles I would have to run in order to burn off 10 servings of 200 calories. (20 btw) My inner voice got the best of me and I went straight for the wheat thins. However, when I walked by the 100 cal packs, I noticed that the Oreo/Chips Ahoy ones were on sale. Score. No math necessary on those - double score.

Now, something to drink. Since tomorrow is a rest day and I don't have to run, I had decided on beer. However, when I went to the beer isle, it was 6 and 12 packs as far as the eye could see. Now, I considered getting a 12 pack and sharing it with the front desk guy. He seems pretty cool.... but, CLEAR down on the end of the beer isle were two "single" beers. Fosters and Sapporo. I chose Fosters. Looking back, I guess with the sushi the Sapporo (a Japanese beer) would have made a lot more sense but I think that I was feeling a bit odd.

So, my 'dinner' tonight consisted of:
- Grocery store sushi
- Two 100 calorie packs
- A 25 oz Fosters beer.

I think the only way that it could have been more depressing would have been if I would have added a Playboy and some Prozac. LOL :-D

I honestly didn't even realize how strange it was until I got into the car and took inventory of what I bought. Here is what I ended up with in the hotel (via cell phone cam):

Check out the beer! It is MASSIVE! 25 oz - or 750 ml. That is right, I bought a can of beer the same size as a bottle of wine. Of course, that means that it is a PAIN to drink. It never did flow quite right. Oh well, it is totally worth it.


Ulyana said...

haha, playboy and prozac... You are so right, it's depressing to go to a grocery store for dinner when you travel and eat in the hotel room. But at the same time, it's so easy to get out of shape eating out all the time. Whole Foods is a good option... but it's not everywhere.

Michelle said...

What a dinner Adam!!

And you didn't invite me??? I love sushi and i love beer!!!

How was the sushi???


Marcy said...

Nah, nothing is more depressing than ordering up a prostitute LOL You're still 2 steps ahead. ;-)

Nick said...

This reminds me of a joke:

A young woman goes shopping and buys one bar of soap, one yogurt, one microwave dinner for one, one apple, and a romance novel. She goes to the checkout stand, where she notices that the clerk is staring at her. Flattered, she flutters her eyelashes and giggles nervously. He says, "Single, huh?"
She replies coyly, "How did you guess?"

"Because," he says, "you're ugly."