Sunday, February 1, 2009

Kansas Wine

As I sit in my basement starting hour three of the five hours of Super Bowl pregame, I can't help but be reminded of the $75 of beer and booze that I bought yesterday getting ready for the people that we have coming over. Ok, full disclosure, the guys that I'm having over like to stick to domestic beer, so I guess technically only $15 or so of my purchase was for them. Hey, my house, my rules right? Let's just say that I'm stocked up for the next nuclear winter. Orrrr, maybe like 2 weeks in my house. I don't have a problem if I drink at home with all of the shades closed by myself, right? I just get so thirsty!

Late last week my wife and I opened a bottle of wine that we first tasted on a random visit to a local Vineyard. Somerset Ridge offers a number of types of wine. They have all of the standard red and white varieties. However, one type that they were just starting to sell when we visited was a concord grape wine.

What are concord grapes you ask? Think Welches grape juice. My wife wanted to try it because she really liked it during the tasting at the vineyard. *shrugs* Who was I to argue? Like I always say, as long as she is drinking, I only get cuter!

It tasted ok. Not good, not great, just ok. It was like drinking Welches grape juice spiked with vodka. So, if you really like you some Welches and are from the Kansas City area, dig in! I will say that visiting the vineyard was fun. We visited when the fall colors were in full bloom.

A picture of rural Kansas wouldn't be complete without a picture of some prairie.


Pat said...

I took amtrak from St. Louis to KC one year on the fourth of July. The trains brakes broke in Hermann, MO. Winery town. I spent the next three hours touring wineries with strangers. Since it was the holidays, they couldn't fix the train, so we had to greyhound it to KC. Therfore, wineries scare me. Especially ones that sell concord grape wine.

Kelly said...

I like wine... but only white (preferably chardonnay or something else dry). I definitely need a roommate or a spouse or something, because it's far too common for me to drink an entire bottle by myself in one sitting.

Marcy said...

I'm not a wine drinker but it you say Welches grape with vodka I'm all over it LOL

Matt said...

If you got any extra beer, feel free to send it my way.

Michelle said...

I want some welches with vodka!!! Hey i need something to entertain me on the long days on my sofa!!!!


BETHANY said...

i don't think wine is supposed to taste like welch's with vodka?!