Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Birthday!

No, it isn’t my birthday – it was my wife’s on Friday. With her birthday and Valentines Day so close together, my wallet, really takes a beating. Not a normal beating, I’m talking a WWF smack down style one complete with oiled up guys in Speedos. That is OK though, I am either stupid, naive, or both but I don’t mind the commercialism of Valentines Day. Gotta spend my money on something. As I sit on a plane on my way to Cleveland HOPING that Drew Carrey was right and it really does rock, I was killing time looking through my pictures and ran across a funny one that I thought that I would share. (Bare with me, this does relate….)

When I was on my last project, team member birthdays slowly escalated from the obligatory card that everyone signs to an all out extravaganza with cake, cookies, and usually a super depressing song STRAIGHT out of Office Space. Towards the end of my tenure, two of my team members had a birthday party together. My right hand woman (I sound like a dictator…. Bow to me underlings muwahahahaha) and some other people went out to a bakery to buy cookies, brownies, etc. They put them in a conference room with the goal of surprising the birthday guys later in the day. When the time came for the surprise, not only were there people in the conference room, but they ATE the cookies / brownies! There were only a few left! That also meant that not only were there not many cookies left for me, but the brownies that were to be used to hold the candles were gone and this was the result:

So, to go with my crappy singing, these guys had to hold their own candles and didn’t get to eat any birthday brownies. What a celebration. Makes me think that a WWF style smack down would be better on the self esteem!!At least then some of the oil and self tanner would have rubbed off and you would look good for after work happy hour.


Kelly said...

Wow. Eating the food early SO sounds like something our station would do. A few times, they've bought us all pizza or taco bell for working overtime, but then forgot to announce when it got here, so us Directors never got any.

We don't throw birthday parties, but we throw going away parties. The most awkward was a friend of mine who was LAID OFF due to cutbacks. Yes... they threw him a party, complete with cake with "We'll Miss You" on the top. Half our coworkers didn't know what was going on, and they wrote things in his card like "congrats on the new job!" even though he was going to be unemployed.

Caro said...

Dave Barbrick ate the f'ing gingerbread man! Thank God Kata swooped in to save what was left of them while I was running the WI call. Crazy people!

Ulyana said...

This was hilarious!

Hey, does your sister have a blog??? I'd love to find out about things to do in FC!

Michelle said...

HA!!! Poor guys holding their own candles!!! At least they were smiling a little bit!!!

Adam said...

Ulyana, no she doesn't have a blog - I need to get on her about that! I'll start asking about fun things to do. Keep posting about your race and it will keep reminding me about it!