Monday, February 9, 2009

2/7 Weekend Runs

2/7: 4 miles, 7:35 pace
2/8: 14 miles, 8:16 pace; Average Heart Rate 180

Saturday: Another MP run. This was probably my best run in a week or more. It was 60 degrees, birds were chirping, overall just a great run. How could I not run fast!?

Sunday: Well, about an hour before the run, I came about *this* close to throwing up all over my living room. I’m not sure if it was the cheerios, the power bar, or the combo of the two, but someone was not playing nicely with others. I walked around my house with the toilet seats up just in case until the feeling passed and decided that I’d rather be outside when I barfed than in the house. So, I suited up and went out for the run. The first few miles were admittedly rocky, but I eventually found a groove. Of course, as soon as I did I hit a red light. I think I hit about every red light on the course! I hit them on miles 4, 5, 9, and 12. Also, my shoe came untied right before mile 7 which slowed me down a bit more. Now, to be clear, I would have needed some of these breaks to drink anyway, but I was getting very frustrated at having to stop on the city's terms vs my own. I still think that I ran about what I would like to for this long of a run at this point in the training plan. I did take Hal Higdon’s advice and do a 3/1 run on this one. That is, run the last 25% of the run at MP. I was able to do it, which is all I wanted at that point!


Ulyana said...

Your heart rate graph looks so even. Mine looks like an EKG, really zig zaggy.

Pat said...

I always turn when I come to a red light. Then I jayrun across the street.

Unless, I'm tired. Then I might wait for a couple green lights.

Michelle said...


BAD having to stop for red lights!! I know about this well!!!