Sunday, February 15, 2009

2/14 Weekend Run

2/14: 4 miles, 7:47 pace.
2/15: 10 miles, 8:10 pace, 180 HR.

2/14: 4 miles at MP pace. It was a good run that had a pretty constant speed. Oh, well I guess sort of. I just looked at my splits and they were 7:25, 7:51, 7:51, 8:02. I only recently turned on the lap timers so I have TONS of random information that I shouldn't have access to. So, I guess I was a bit fast on the first mile but fell into a good MP groove after that.

2/15: 10 miles. Goal pace was around 8:25, so I ran this a bit fast. I am really going to work to slow this down next week to around 8:30. But, it was a good run. I felt like I could go for quite a while afterwards which is good. However, I did feel a slight tingle or something in my knee. I iced it down and it was fine afterwards, but I need to keep an eye on it and really be careful of my speed so that it doesn't turn into something larger.


Michelle said...

Good runs!!

Were you wearing your PJs????

Ulyana said...

Your perfect red line!!! I'm scared to post a graph of mine. It looks like I'm near death one moment and about to explode the next.

Pat said...

I have trouble running when I'm above 170. That's impressive that you keep going.