Sunday, February 1, 2009

2/1 Long Run 13.1 miles

1/31: 3 miles, 7:47 pace
2/1: 13.1 miles, 8:15 pace 185 average heart rate, 1:48:12 total time

I decided this week to add a very short 3 miles at approximately MP. (Again it was a little fast - damn it.... I swear, if I get hurt because I can't hold back in my training, I'm going to hobble (because I'll be hurt) to the local elementary school and challenge some kids to a dodge ball game) The training plan that I am following says that I should be running 6 miles of MP work each Saturday. Since I didn't want to push to hard too soon, I decided to phase it in slowly. I'll do 3 miles for three weeks and then bump it up to 5 miles for 3 weeks and then hopefully be back on track.

Today's long run was supposed to be 13 miles, but I decided to tack on an additional 0.1 to make it an even half marathon. My time of 1:48 for the half was right at where I wanted to run. The great thing is that I felt like I could have pretty easily ran another 6 or so with no problem at that speed..... Just enough distance to fall flat on my face at 20. I'm not sure how fast I want to run my marathons, but it is good to know that I can hold a good training speed for half of the distance. After all, they always say that the easiest part of the race is the last 10k, right??

The one gross thing after my run today was that, because I sweat a lot, I had huge dried salt deposits on the sides of my face. Blah. Not only are they gross, they BURN. So, after I stretched it out, I jumped right into the shower. Do that happen to anyone else?

Here is the heart rate range across the distance. I also threw elevation in there for poops and giggles. I need to continue the hill work because the first marathon that I have on my schedule is a doozy.


Pat said...

148 is fast, my friend. great job, you'll have a great marathon time. Under 4 hours easily.

Michelle said...

YAY!! You done good dude!!

I never had salt deposits on my face! But perhaps i did and never knew??? Not that gross really!! There are worse things, like nipple bleeding and stuff!!!


Ulyana said...

You just have a high sodium content in your sweat. All that those salt deposits mean is that you are losing a lot of salt, or electrolytes, when you train long and hard. Just make sure to replace them and drink the right amount of water - not too much, not too little!