Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Where everyone knows MY name

Today's run sort of kicked my butt. Or rather chewed it off and left it on the treadmill. Detailed report to follow tomorrow.

Today I'm in the office again. It honestly isn't too bad, although I do feel a bit guilty when I am typing blogs here vs at home.

We have a rather small office with ~50 people regularly physically seated in the office. However, since we often travel, our total office population is around 250. I used to coordinate our quarterly all office meetings which meant that I'd be up front MC'ing them for the entire day. Me directing 200 or so people's attention... mwahahahahaha!!!! As a result, EVERYONE knows my name. The unfortunate part? I know almost no ones name! So, about every other day, someone will stop me in the hall and have a normal conversation with me like we are old knitting buddies just finishing a cross stitch - of course, addressing me by name! For example, today I had the following conversation with a very nice lady in the hall:

???: Hey Adam, how have you been?
Adam: Hey there! I've been well. Still unstaffed. Can you believe how cold it has been?!
???: Yeah, blah blah blah weather talk, work talk, weekend talk.
Adam: Well, I'd better get back to it - talk to you later!

Yeah, no clue who she is. I like to talk though, so I honestly dont' really mind. What should I have done though? Should I have just owned up and asked? I'm really bad at doing that. It is almost admitting defeat in some sort of way. Waving the white flag of social awkwardness. (Not to be confused with the pink flag of homosexuality which I wave to creep my wife out whenever my brother in law is in town).

I'm thinking that I may scout around the office and see if I can tell via the namevtags that are on the outside of people's offices. Before I leave, I may have to do some research on pop culture topics to bone up on small talk in case she catches me poking my head in her office..... "Can you believe that they voted off the orange team on biggest loser!? Those two kids needed the help more than anyone......" Yup, that should do it.


Marcy said...

ROFLMAO! I'm the same way. I can't for the life of me remember anyone's name and hate to ask :-X

Nick said...

I always like "How do you spell your name again?". That way you get a name and you can do some research. Just hope that their name isn't Larry Smith or Kim Johnson or something else really easy!

Katie said...

That's why phrases like "Hey girl!" and "What's up, man?" are my social crutch :-)

Pat said...

Two weeks in a row I've had guys on different softball teams say hi to me. One I played softball with, no idea who he is. The second one was a real estate client of mine from way back. I didn't recognize him. but, to be fair he gets mail from me all the time and a calendar. I felt terrible, I hope I recognize him when we play again.

Michelle said...

I don't know why but i am picturing you in the office of the show "The Office". And your the jokester!!! The funny one!! The one everybody goes to for a laugh, except they don't laugh!! They just stare at you!!!


I don't know names either!!! Who are you again?

Laura said...

I agree on the chicken wings from TBL. Another solution would have been grilling the chicken and then coating it in hot sauce - that would have been a much better approximation of hot wings. Though the rosemary kebabs looked really good!

Home Away said...

First of all- SHOCKED to hear that you are Chatty McTalksalot. Second- knitting and cross stitching are two totally different things.

Kelly said...

I'm REALLY bad with names. I read somewhere you should say something like, "Wow... you have a great memory! I can't believe you remember my name! I, on the other hand, am HORRIBLE with names." They should offer their name, and you don't sound like a total idito (unless it's a situation where you talk to that person every day!)