Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Well Played Steve Jobs

Digital Rights Management - DRM. Also known as "pain in the ass iTunes copy protection". This is the thing that Apple hacked into all of the stuff that they sell on iTunes that doesn't let you play them on anything but an iPod. In their defense, (I'm about to nerd out on some folks... you can skip to the witty quip at the bottom if you want), they really had to do it because of the record companies. Most of the big ones would not agree to sell single songs without some sort of copy protection. Per the iPod book that Tera let me borrow, there was a back and forth between Apple and the recording industry and DRM is where it all landed.

Well, this week is the MacWorld expo. This is where Apple announces all of their big changes to the world. Well, this year, other than a new laptop, the big change was that DRM would no longer go on songs. I'm 100% for this. While I don't buy a lot of songs on iTunes to begin with, I do think that if you buy something you should be able to do whatever you want with it. I think this change will make even more people use iTunes and will ultimately make everyone more money.

However, I can only assume that this is yet ANOTHER ploy from Steve Jobs to get more people to like him. Not so fast Steve Jobs, you haven't won me over so easily.


Kelly said...

I actually didn't even know the songs had that. That's totally stupid. But I don't use ITunes to buy music anyway cause it's expensive. I buy my songs off a cheap russian website haha.

BJN said...

Yes, well played indeed Jobs. I'll buy your crafty iPhone, but I'm not ready to like you yet...

Yay for DRM going away. Greedy record company pricks going to have to ride in an 8 person limo now instead of 10. TAKE THAT YA JERKS!!!!