Thursday, January 8, 2009

Week of 1/5 Runs!

1/6: 3 miles, 7:58 pace
1/7: 5 miles, 7:47 pace with 4 x 800 at 7:00 pace.
1/8: 3 miles, 7:57 pace

This is officially the start of my marathon training for Fargo! (Side note, I really need to get on Runners world forums and see if there is anything out there about that race).

The first day was just fine - I was able to knock out the run without much effort. It was actually my first one way training run. I ran to the gym where my wife was in a spin class. I then lifted some weights and was driven back - score!

The second day was an interval day. Honestly my first try at intervals with any sort of conviction. I found out that I am not good at keeping a constant speed and likely will do these on the treadmill next time. The issue that I had was that it was so dark that I couldn't watch my Garmin. So, my intervals were a mix of 6:30 pace and 7:15 pace based on my laptop's download. Not good training and not really the point of intervals.... So, treadmill is what I'll do.

The third day (today) was killer. My legs felt heavy and I had a hard time keeping the pace that I wanted to. This is hopefully just because it was my first time running this kind of mileage in a week for a month or better and I need to get some fitness back. *fingers crossed!*


Kelly said...

The treadmill is MADE for intervals. You can just keep it running and jump off when your time is up.

Who needs a Garmin? Not me!

Marcy said...

ROFLMAO about the Garmin. Yeah they need an option to keep the light on.