Thursday, January 29, 2009

Week of 1/26 Running

1/27 (Tues) - 3 miles, 7:34 pace
1/28 (Weds) - 6 miles, 7:32 pace overall with 6x800 intervals at 6:53 pace
1/29 (Thurs) - 3 miles, 7:55 pace

Tuesday run: 3 miles at a targeted pace of 8:00. Oppsies, a little fast out of the gate there. I guess the stepback week did a body good. Or, I was afraid that my face was going to freeze and get stuck in the position that it is while I run – somewhere between a grimace and a dumbfounded stare…. So, I guess my normal face then? This run went really well in spite of the 10 degree cold.

Wednesday run: 6 miles of speed work on the treadmill. I upped the mph by 0.1 to give me a pickup pace of 6:53. I’m not sure if it was the faster day on Tuesday or the faster speed, but I was gassed by the time the run was over. However, I did get the run in even if I had to slow down a bit during the 400m recovery periods. I normally try to run them at around 8:00 pace, but I was forced to throttle it back to somewhere between 8:15 and 8:25. I’m really not sure if these speed drills are making me any faster, but they sure do feel like they are. If anything, they are just resetting my brain’s mph gauge to what a ‘comfortable’ pace is supposed to be.

Thursday run: 3 miles at a targeted pace of 8:20. Crap, fast again. I’m thinking that the relatively flat to almost downhill course that I run may be giving me a bit of extra speed that I don’t normally have. On my 3 mile days, I have been running to the gym which is nearly exactly 3 miles. But, since it is a one way, any down hills that I have don’t turn into up hills on the way back. Although, another reason for my speed may have been that I had a bit of runners gut this morning and just wanted to get the run over with. Nothing like the fear of crapping yourself to run a 5k 1.5 minutes faster than you wanted to! Oh wait, TMI? Probably not for the runners who read this!


Steve Stenzel said...

Nice middle treadmill run! (those suck!)

Michelle said...

No not TMI!

I love poop stories! Or almost poop stories!!!

Nice running dude!!! Fast and nice!!!

Marcy said...

I think your poop stories are safe with the runners ;-)