Thursday, January 22, 2009

Week of 1/19 Running

1/20: 3 miles, 8:00 pace.
1/21: 6 miles, 7.32 pace with 6 x 800 repeats at 6:58 pace.
1/22: 3 miles, 7.54 pace.

1/20: I had planned on running from my house around the neighborhood a bit and eventually to the gym where I can get my lift on. *flexes* My wife always CLAIMS that I am a forgetful person – but I usually don’t see it. She may just have something on this morning. I realized about half way through the run that I forgot my access card to the gym! So, instead of playing 20 questions with the gym staff, I turned around back home, got the card, and logged my miles that way. It was a crappy way to start the day for sure.

1/21: Speed day. Blah. Speed days are sort of like going to the dentist. One time it is fine, but the next time the dentist catches his wife in bed with the mailman and decides to go to town on one of your molars like the mailman did with his wife. This was the first time in a really long time that I did 6 repeats instead of the usual 4. The good news is that the increase in repeats lowered the overall pace time. The bad news is that I was a bit sore afterwards.

1/22: Today was supposed to be a slow day to rest up for the long run this weekend. Honestly, I meant to run it a lot slower than I did (target pace – 8:15). My legs felt heavy so I tried to compensate by running harder. Hear me now – if I get hurt later and start complaining on the blog about my pain, you can tie it to this 5k.


Marcy said...

Yeah I've been avoiding the speed work for that very reason HAHA