Thursday, January 15, 2009

Week of 1/12 Running

1/13: 3 miles, 8:00 pace. 1.0 incline setting on the treadmill. (Does anyone know what the crap these mean??)
1/14: 5 miles, 7:48 pace with 4x 800 intervals at 6:58 pace.
1/15: 3 miles, 8:17 pace. 1.0 incline setting on the treadmill.

1/13: I completely wussed out and decided to run on the treadmill - too cold. In fact, all of my runs this week were on the treadmill because of the artic cold that hit the area. A family friend in Fargo, ND (where I am running the marathon) was quick to remind me that the 8 degrees that I had on the 13th was down right balmy compared to her -40 with the wind. Ouch.

1/14: Like I said in my last post about my weekly mileage, it could have been 50 and sunny and I would have still ran this one inside. I can't hold a constant interval pace outdoors. The interval training was much easier to manage (meaning maintain - not actually run) while on the treadmill. It still kicked my butt. Like I said earlier, I would be afraid to wear the heart rate monitor for these runs as I know that it would hover around 190 during the fast times.

1/15: A relatively easy run, but much like most of my Thursday runs, my legs felt heavy. I'm sure that most of that is in my head, but for some reasons these runs seem harder than the others. I'm sure that putting in the ~20 miles per week for the last three or so weeks is a change that my body is still getting used to again and in time I'll be able to knock these Thursday runs out of the park.


Paul said...

Great blog Adam! Your training looks great. You talked about your intervals. I use a Garmin 205 (it is actually about 5 to 6 years old now) and I use the partner mode and that REALLY helps with intervals, or any of your runs. I used that mode to run even splits for three of my PRS now and it is deadly accurate. It also works great for cycling.

Good luck with your training!

Paul said...

Well now, I just read a little further down and saw you already have a Garmin 305. Sweet. Great minds think alike!

Happy training.