Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Talking and Driving

I saw on the news last night that the National Safety Council did a study that found that driving while talking on a cell phone, regardless of a hands free device, was just like driving drunk. That is, you have a 4 times greater chance of getting into an accident while talking on the phone while driving.


This finding is quite interesting. I can’t help but be reminded of the first time that windshield wipers were used. People thought that the distraction would almost certainly result in automatic crashes. Same goes for when they put radios in cars. Sure death would result. Now, don’t be confused… I am NOT in favor of drinking and driving. It is very careless and is very preventable. However, I think that we have SOME sort of public perception issue. If it is that bad, talking on a cell phone needs to have the same stigma as drinking and driving.

Disclaimer, this is a joke… I’m also reminded of the joke about drinking a driving that I heard a while back…
“Now, I am not for drinking and driving, but if I’ve had two or three beers and am driving home my hands are at 10 and 2, I drive the speed limit, use my turn signals, and never tailgate. When I haven’t had anything to drink, I’m swerving all over the place, speeding, talking on my phone, while having one hand on the wheel. I mean I’m not saying that we should all get drunk and drive…. But I’m just saying.”


Kelly said...

Yeah, we did that story last night. And some people are trying to ban hands-free devices too! THAT I think is rediculous... what's the difference between talking on a hands-free device and talking to someone in the back seat?