Friday, January 23, 2009

Photo Friday

I believe that I saw that it is usually Photo Friday on one of the blogs that I read. While I haven't seen any pictures today, I ran across a few funny clips a la Jay Leno that are worth sharing.

After seeing this one below, I honestly know why the banks are in so much trouble. If it isn't $87,000 rugs for their personal offices it is sharing pearls of wisdom like this. And he was a SVP!?

Believe me when I say I've had days like this. I normally refer to them as "Monday".

Finally, with eBay,, and Froogle, you knew something like this was going to happen. What I can't figure out is... Did the guy just not die? How do you NOT need a tombstone? Did he put it on his Christmas list and got two and couldn't return one of them?


Marcy said...

OMG!! #2 is too much! If that person finds out, let me know :P There are a couple people I know that need to be 6 feet under :-X HAHA

Kelly said...

Peoples' stupidity often baffles me.

Katie said...

Oh my, those were great! Maybe the person in number 2 can benefit from number 3 :-)

Michelle said...

HAHA!! These are classics!!! I love to read about the stupidity of others. Makes me feel just a tad smarter!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

Barry said...

And the high bidder is... GRADY! Awesome!