Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lots of Unstaffed Peeps

Since I am unstaffed and can pretty much take vacation at will, I decided to take a few hours and go to the gym with my wife at 10:00am today. I was able to get in my three miles as well as some weight lifting.

What amazed me was that the gym was busier than ever! Isn’t it funny when we are out and about during work hours and it is busy you automatically think:

“Why don’t these people have jobs!?” When they are probably saying the exact same thing about you.

I could only assume that there either must be a LOT of unstaffed people living in my area as well – or there are a lot of stay at home moms who like to go to the gym in the late morning. I have to say that I am a little envious of being able to carve out some time during the middle of the day to knock out a workout. Not only did I get to sleep in, but I will have all night tonight to watch my stories! SCORE! When my wife stays home she will hopefully appreciate that.

The thing that I totally forgot about 10am TV is The Price is Right! I forgot how much of a guilty pleasure that show is for me. You get to try to guess the price of stuff, and if you are close enough you win! What could be more awesome than that? I also forgot how much I like Drew Carey. I see a little bit of myself in my buddy Drew. He is just a bit nerdy, but he is so likable that it makes up for it. That is me, right? Hmmm, maybe. :)

Speaking of Drew, during his sitcom days, his character brewed a coffee beer called “buzz beer’. I’m sure someone else makes it now, but at the time he was way ahead of the beer curve.


Kelly said...

Take vacation whenever you want? Have I told you recently that I hate you? On January 9th, I hit my one year anniversary at my station, and only THEN was I allowed ANY time off. Gurrrr.

On a different note, I think "Don't these people have jobs?!" just about every day. Especially during Christmas shopping season... I would go to the mall during my day off (monday or tuesday) and see it SWARMING with people. WHO ARE YOU?!

BETHANY said...

hahahaha I LOVE the price is right! Although I was a big Bob Barker fan, and I haven't see Drew Carey host it.... I am sure he does a good job - he is pretty amusing.... BUT, does he give the usual closing line: "And remember, help control the pet population, have your pets spayed or neutered! Goodbye everybody!"
Because if he doesn't - I won't watch!!!