Friday, January 2, 2009

Lifetime Fitness

My wife and I recently joined a ‘full featured’ gym. This isn’t the bare bones type with some treadmills and free weights. Oh no. This is the real deal with basketball, a pool, and rock climbing walls. Of course, it has the monthly membership dues to match the bells and whistles – but hopefully it will be worth it.

The reasons for joining the gym are honestly as varied as the stuff that they’ve crammed into it. For me, it is mostly about cross training and other non-running activities. Since I used to travel I could bum off of hotel workout facilities. Generally they weren’t the best, but they were good enough for me. However, since I will not be traveling for the foreseeable future, I decided that it would be money well spent to lock down a place here in Kansas City.

My wife has her own goals for joining as well, so we have a daily regimen of going to the gym and either lifting, going to spin class, or swimming. The first week has been a blast and I hope that we keep it up. The downside of course is now that my running has picked up and I’m going to the gym is that I am eating like a HORSE. I’m pretty much always hungry again. Normally this doesn’t happen until I start to run over 30 miles per week, but I guess the weight lifting has really added more than I thought it has.

So, if you see me walking down the street, offer me a sandwich. Subway is best.


Nick said...

5 dollar..... 5 dollar FOOT LONG!!!