Monday, January 26, 2009

Green light.…RED LIGHT!

I used to love to play stoplight when I was younger. The basic point of the game was to get as close to the leader as possible when their back was turned. But, if they saw you moving when they turned around, you were out of the game. Last week, the Kansas City metro area put its own spin on this super fun game. They put up their first red light camera to catch people who decide that a red light really does mean FLOOR IT.

Now, I know what you are thinking. “Wow Adam, my town has had those for 5 years! Shoot, we’ve only had running water for 10!” Yes, they are a bit behind on this. In Phoenix where my in-laws live (and in 5 short months where I will live), not only do they have cameras at nearly every major intersection, they also have cameras on the highways that automatically catch you speeding! I think the ticket for either is around $200. Ouch.

I think that these are a great idea. As a runner who runs through a lot of pretty major intersections, I appreciate any and all efforts to get people to abide by the rules. I have nearly been hit multiple times (twice with my hands on the hood of the car as they came screeching to a halt) so if we could get people to start stopping at those that would be just greaaaat. My knees would thank you.

The ridiculous thing is that not only were people against these cameras, but the city is making the first month’s worth of tickets “warnings”! WTF? Now, I am no Ricky Rule Breaker, but even I was yelling at the TV at the stupidity of the people who wouldn’t want those. I mean, you are breaking the law! They are just putting up cameras to catch you!? I understand why you wouldn’t want it personally, but what could these people’s argument have been?

Ricky Rule Breaker: I don’t want the red light cameras!
City: Why?
Ricky Rule Breaker: Because! Duh! Waaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I have things to do! Waaaaaaa!!!
City: What if we made the first month's tickets warnings. Even though we know that you are breaking the law and we have photo proof.
Ricky Rule Breaker: Waaaaaaaaaa, deal.


Caro said...

Waaaaaaaah is the same sound that another Ricky would make. Little Ricky "Rulebreaker" Ricklefs??!

Pat said...

I hope they are here to stay. And yes, I got one for making an 'illegal turn thru a red light'. I don't remember it, but I sure do remember traffic school.

Likely, as a Realtor I didn't have clients with me. I don't even remember the flash.

Katie said...

LOL. I totally agree with the whole camera thing. Would you believe some idiots around here actually tried to sue the makers of the cameras? It had something to do with right to privacy or something silly. Geez.

BETHANY said...

YOU PEOPLE ARE CRAZY!!!! Yes, I agree that the camaras stop people from running lights..... but have you looked at the statistics on the % of where the tickets are coming from....(I will get this for you if you would like) i don't remember exactly but if was over 60% of these tickets are for people turning RIGHT ON RED!!! I, myself, have received 2 of these right on red tickets! at $75 a piece thats TOO MUCH! and if you go back and look at the video... there were NO CARS COMING THE OTHER WAY on either!!! I agree people should not be running lights - but what about people like ME who ARE watching traffic and who ARE looking for runners and bikers (since I am one) and are just turning right on red when there is no one around... and bc I fail to COMPLETELY STOP FOR 3 or more seconds I get a $75 ticket - does this seem fair..... NO!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry but if you are for these cameras you have long forgotten what made America so great. Freedom my friend! Freedom from government interference such as this. Do some research before you post such a comment. Also go back and study your history books and the Constitution. Our fore fathers and the document they created strictly forbid such a system. To give up your liberty for safety is what I define as insanity. Well in this case it is the illusion of safety. You are probably all for the patriot act as well. Terrorist are out to get you remember. Homeland Security will keep you safe. However or forefathers knew the 2nd amendment would keep us safe. They also knew to stay out of everyone's business as it makes you less of a target.

Adam said...

All I want is to be able to cross the street (when I have the right of way) and not be turned into a runner pancake! It is way more of an issue in KC than in PHX. The only difference I see is the cameras.

Don't the people who have the green light also have the "freedom" to go through the intersection without the risk of getting hit? Cameras give them that freedom.

BETHANY said...

okay... sorry i'm posting again... but the anonymous post guy annoyed me and I don't want to be lumped into a group with him (or her) just because I don't think the cameras are a good idea.

the cameras aren't a good idea because they don't work! they actually increase traffic accidents.... (and they make me pause for more than 3 seconds when making a right on red....which i don't like!)

but just to be clear - i don't think the cameras take away our Freedom or our Liberty!

Barry said...

Wow. lots of heated discussion here. The cameras only catch you breaking the law. If there was a cop in the intersection and they pulled you over for running a red light, is that infringing on your "freedom"?

Speaking from the “Phoenician” perspective I have never heard of them tagging you while turning. Having seen the pictures from when my mom ran a red light, I don't think they could get a good angle on it. You have to be REALLY running the light to get your picture taken, and for speeding it trips at 11+ mph over the speed limit. The only people I can see who would be angry are hot girls who flirt their way out of a ticket. As for this fat guy, not much sympathy there.

Remember that scene from "Liar Liar". You want my legal advice? STOP BREAKING THE LAW @$$#%!{