Friday, January 9, 2009

Good Parenting?

Today I got an email from my brother in law who is a comercial pilot. Unfortunately, it never surprises me how stupid careless some people are with their children. He was jump seating from his home to his home base and witnessed the following.

I first told him that he needed to have a blog, but for some reason he doesn't want to (I don't get it either). So, instead I asked if I could post it on mine! He agreed, so here it goes:

I thought you all would enjoy my story from this morning, and I'm bored waiting for my trip to start so here you go! ha ha.

I notice a commotion on my flight from PHX-IAH in the seat in front of me. Apparently a woman holding a baby fell asleep and the child was about to fall off of her lap. The flight attendants took the baby and gave her to some people sitting nearby while they tried to wake the woman up. I guess they were not very successful as I saw one of the flight attendants taking her pulse (this is when my earphones came off and I quit reading my book). They got her 1/2 way awake and tried to talk to her but apparently she was really out of it. They paged for a doctor over the PA and one came and spoke with her for a few minutes. The flight attendants then took care of her and the baby for the rest of the flight pulling the curtain in front of the way back bathroom so that she could get herself together and I think change the baby's diaper.

Apparently this woman thought it would be fun to take some benadryl with her anti-depressants and passed out. The FA's coordinated for paramedics to meet her at the gate (liability reasons), and I am sure at this very moment are filling out a ream of paperwork. (God forbid that the Lawyers miss out on their pay, even if no one sues).

This incident brought 2 things to mind.
1. You should have to take a test before you are allowed to breed. (Not exactly "free-market" society, but I am an un-apologetic liberal so oh well).
2. Airline tickets should cost a minimum of $500 because the flight attendants did all of that on a salary that just barely keeps them from being eligible for food stamps.

Then when transferring to our terminal in Houston, I see 5 cop cars, 2 airport operations cars, a mechanic van, and our assistant chief pilot all parked next to this airplane (some passengers had gotten into a fight).

What the hell?!

I agree, what the crap!?


Katie said...

Haha! That's was funny. Thanks for stopping by my blog -- I'm hoping the beer isn't cancelling out all of my hill work :-)

Marcy said...

Seriously. Some peeps should NOT have kids. Although . . . it's totally debatable if I should even have mine HAHA

Michelle said...

Hi and wow what a story!!

I have on occasion taken benadryl with my anti-depressant BUT only when i want to sleep, like in my bed, at nighttime, at home. It works!!!

Nice to meet you and you are so not boring!!!

hot girl said...

your brother-in-law sounds like a big stud!!