Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Good Job Work

I'm in the office today (instead of at home) and when I went to grab a glass of water, the plastic cup that my company had waiting for me said the following:

That is a horrible picture, but it says: "Plastic made from corn". I'm certainly not a tree hugger, but I hate the use of fossil fuels and I love anything that promotes corn. (Since my father is a farmer, everything that I had from the age of 0-18 was paid for with corn monies!) Of course, the unfortunate reality is that the cup probably cost $7 or something, but it wasn't made from oil! But, if you see me walking around in a hemp shirt or Birkenstock shoes, feel free to smack me up side the head and force me to buy a Hummer.
Unfortunately not much else to report on the blog front. I ran 3 miles this morning, crappy ran / sleet / snow / blah weather, work is normal, etc! Speed work tomorrow, 6 miles with 6x800 pickups! Oyy.


Katie said...

I was in a coffee shop in Colorado last year, and they had straws and other utensils made of some form of sugar. Of course, they melted when you put them into hot liquids. Guess there's still a few kinks to work out :-)

Marcy said...

So do they make condoms? :P