Sunday, January 11, 2009


Scott Adams never ceases to amaze me with his thoughts, his humor, and his wittiness. Most recently was a blog post of his about friendship.

Since I know not many of you will go to the post (you should though - it is very well written), he basically breaks the definition of a true friend as someone who meets the following two criteria:

1. Someone you have told a secret.
2. Someone who has accepted a favor from you.

Very simple, yet very powerful at the same time. He goes on in the post to note that his two criteria are something that you give - not something that you receive. How true is that??
As I posted in my 100 things, I only have a handful of very close friends. This isn't because I'm not a particularly friendly guy - I have lots of casual acquaintances that I am close enough to go to dinner with or share drinks with. But, for one reason or another, the people that I would tell a secret to can be counted on two hands.
While I really like Scott's definition of a true friend, I think that I would modify it slightly. I think that I would still include his two definitions while adding a few of my own:

3. Someone who can complain to you and not worry about repercussions.
4. Someone who knows how you take your coffee.

How would you define a true friend? Is it something that you can even put words to or is it something that, much like love, is just something you know?

And, since I am talking about Dilbert, here is a very funny strip:


Kelly said...

I did read the post. People's comments are frustrating, cause half of them didn't get the point at all.

A big sign of a friend for me is when I no longer get anxious over what to talk about.

Michelle said...

This is a great post and really got me thinking!!!

I am having an issue with someone whom i thought was a friend. Then i figured out that my definition of friendship and her's are so very different!!!

Sometimes, you learn the hard way!!!

Have a great day!!!