Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Exploding heart

Yesterday while knocking out my first 3 miles for the week I decided to break out my heart monitor that came with my garmin 305.

Like I said earlier, I joined a gym. As part of the paid gym membership, my wife and I both got health assessments. During the health assessment, they measured all sorts of things like body fat %, level of flexibility, and *gasp* VO2 max!! Well, my VO2 was actually a bit lower than I thought that it might be. It was somewhere around 45 +/-. Either way, after running for the last few years, (quite arrogantly) I thought mine would be higher! Ha - silly me. Better go eat some donunts, that'll make me feel better.

So, back to the heart monitor.... As you'll find out tomorrow, I cranked out 3 miles at 8:00 pace while on 1.0 incline - whatever in the hell THAT incline means.... My heart rate during this rather normal run? 180!!! Shoot, it was 190 when I cranked it up to 7:30 for the last 400. I'm lucky that my heart didn't pop out of my chest and slap me upside the face. I was quite surprised because I wasn't tired at all, I wasn't too out of breath, and it jumped back down to 120 within about 2 minutes of running.

So, fortunately today was speed work which I hope will help bring that down. I didn't wear the monitor because I couldn't bear watch it climb to infinity.

During my long run this weekend I'm going to try to wear the heart rate monitor and post the results here. I THINK that my heart settles down around 4 miles. No better way to test it out than to just wear it!


Marcy said...

I don't even know what is considered a "good" VO2 max LOL

Pat said...

I rarely get into the 160's and I think I may have gotten 170 before. that's amazing.