Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cold, with a chance of ooze...

When I checked my google homepage yesterday for the weather this weekend, this is what I saw:

On Saturday, there is a chance of what can only be described as tree ooze. Grrr, annoying. It is actually a chance of ice - AGAIN. After Christmas, on the trip home from Colorado, we hit a pretty bad stretch of ice. We were forced to slow down from 75 to 35 and saw lots of cars going in the ditch. That is, they were on the road one minute and in the ditch the next. It was a little stressful for a while, but honestly I got used to the slower icy driving.

Luckily we did make it home without going in the ditch as well. Unfortunately, these guys weren't as lucky!


Kelly said...

Mmmm tree ooze. Is that the stuff that comes on cinnamon rolls and donuts?

Nick said...

Where was this? In KC somewhere I assume?