Thursday, January 22, 2009

Can I help you?

On Monday, because it was MLK Jr Day, I took the day off. I bummed around and the gym for a while, rented a movie, and ended up at the local running store that I normally shop at. Garry Gribble's running. If you are ever in the Kansas City area, check them out. (Side note, the movie was Righteous Kill. It was OK and had a lot of fun plot twists.)

Now, I love Wal-Mart as much as about anyone (sorry Caroline) but there IS something cool about local stores. They always give you personal service and are always very willing to answer any questions that you had. Believe me, I’m like a 3 year old on a Mt Dew high – I always ask a LOT of questions.

However, when I went on Monday, there was no one in the store and about 5 sales people roaming around. I think I got asked two or three times from each of them if I needed any help! It was fine for the first few, but after a while it was almost comical at some of their questions:

“Can I help you? No? Ok let me know if I can.”
5 min later…. “Are you looking for something specific? No? Ok, well just give a shout”
10 min later…. “Did you see that our thermal wear is on sale?”

Too funny. Again, not complaining because I would MUCH rather beat them off with a stick (like I have to do with the old ladies at the library) than not be able to find anyone. But, come on Garry Gribble. Give your sales people a rest on the holiday! You probably only needed 2 in there at 1:00pm on a Monday...... The thermal gear WAS a good deal though.


Kelly said...

I dunno... I HATE annoying sales people. I used to work at American Eagle, and my boss got angry because I wasn't "aggressive" enough. But as a shopper, I'd rather fend for myself and only involve the salesman if I have a question.

Michelle said...

Yeah annoying sales people are one of my dreaded fears while shopping!!! :O)

So, guess what i did? Fractured the big toe of my right foot!!! Yep!!! No running 4-6 week. I suck!!!