Monday, January 5, 2009

1/4 Run

10 miles, 8:21 pace. The run felt good - although, I did develop a small blister on the bottom of my foot. Nothing bad enough to slow me down.

This run will be my last run before the training program 'officially' starts. I've decided to still use Hal Higdon's schedule, but modify it a bit. I'm going to use the Intermediate II schedule with speedwork on the Wednesday runs and I'm not going to run the Saturday pace runs (for now). This schedule will enable me to keep up with my weight training as well as get a few days of rest in there to avoid injury.

I'm also going to really work on not going too fast on my long runs. I'm going to target 8:20 - 8:30 pace and really work to keep it constant. Previously, I've tried to hold a 8:00 pace (MP) which I haven't head much luck with. I'll keep everyone posted!


Kelly said...

I'm so anxious with anticipation to see how the run will be!

Adam said...


Worse yet is when emails get away from me before I'm done with them! ;)